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Contraband Police Download designed for PC is a video game developed by Crazy Rocks. Crazy Rocks is famous for working on the action game titled Street warriors online. Contraband Police is a simulator video game in which players take the role of a cop delegated to provide service across the border. In this game, they have to regulate and control the drivers who cross borders to ensure no one indulges in any unfair practices like smuggling of an illegal item like firearms and drugs. 

The game was marketed by PlayWay. Contraband Police were released worldwide on 16th January 2021. It has received fairly positive reviews from critics and gamers. They have loved its combat scenes, intense gameplay, and vivid graphics. If you are willing to know more about this simulation video game, continue reading below. 

Contraband Police PC Game Download

Name Contraband Police
Initial Release Date 16.02.2021
Genres Action game, Simulation
Publisher PlayWay
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Franchise PlayWay S.A., Polish Games
Developers Crazy Rocks
Category PC Games >Simulator

What is Contraband Police about? 

The game doesn’t have a specific storyline. It is a simulator video game where players have to take the role of a responsible police officer, working across the borders to prevent drivers from indulging in smuggling and other illegal practices. The task of cops is to catch drivers who indulge in such practices. Also, they strive to find hidden compartments in vehicles that might store illegally traded items. 

All vehicles that wish to cross the border are to be checked by the cops. Starting from passports to inspecting all engine parts, players are to look for illegal items and prohibit the player from crossing the border. In case, the vehicle is ill maintained with flat tyres, low tyre pressure, or petrol leaks, the driver is liable to be punished and pay penalties. 

The game is interesting in the sense that players are to look into every minute matter of the drivers and the vehicles. Look for drugs, illegal weapons, or alcohol, and if found, fine drivers and stop them from crossing the territory. In this game, you are either the dictator or the mercy man. Play the game in your way. 

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The gameplay is fairly simple. Players get a variety of options to choose from. Players take the role of responsible border cops. As a cop, players have to inspect every vehicle that crosses the border. It is their routine job in this game. Players have to stay later as several drivers are smugglers. Players find them out and punish them. They have to check the bill of freight and vehicle details thoroughly. Also checking in hidden compartments of the vehicles come under their responsibility. Sometimes, drivers even go to the extent of hiding illegal things in the vehicle’s battery. Drivers have to disassemble all parts of the vehicle’s components. 

Players also have to check the technical condition of the vehicles. If there are broken headlights, crashed mirrors, flat tyres, or other malfunctions, drivers are liable to pay a fine. There are certain rules that the game furnishes for players. For instance, checking whether the vehicles are within a specified weight limit. 

If everything is clear and clean, drivers can pass the border. In case, you have found any illegal item, you can either arrest the driver or accept bribes from him. However, players have to be careful while taking bribes because their relations with other police officers are likely to affect their position in the game. 

In the Contraband Police video game, gamers get a list of items that can be allowed to be transported across the border. For every duty done responsibly, they earn points. With every increase in in-game points, their level in the game increases too. That’s how the game progresses. Gamers are also expected to develop friendly relations with other cops in the process. 

Features of Contraband Police

As you can see, Contraband Police is a game where you can move freely and take any decision. The game doesn’t have strict rules that narrow down the scope of the game. Instead, you can make your own rules and play as you want to. It allows you to implement your strategies and play them accordingly. Contraband Police have impressive and visually pleasing graphics. Players love how developers have incorporated realistic graphics of high definition into the game. The game reflects the hard work and dedication of Crazy Rocks behind its flawless creation. To face any kind of combat, players can give enough ammunition and equipment. So, players are the ones responsible for their safety. The game comes with several other features, some of which have been mentioned below. 

  • Technical aspects

It has already been said, that Contraband Police features praiseworthy graphics. Developers have focused on bringing out realism as vividly as possible. However, the game offers no spectacular special effects. All vehicles are extremely well designed and decorated. The game is set in mountainous areas, which further enhance its beauty and appeal. 

  • Amazing soundtrack 

Developers have added a nautical contraband soundtrack to the game. It has intensified the atmosphere and feel of the game. The soundtrack is a mixture of various music covers. The lyrics have been modified to match the action of the game. However, it holds the original flavour of the songs. Developers are introduced to new vocals and music in the game, sung by the immensely talented Gordon jahnig. 

  • Police officers on strict duty

Players are to check the license of all drivers, their transport checklist, and other related documents to see if they are credible and true. In case of any discordance with the state laws, drivers are to be detained. 

  • Upgrade your post

By doing fair tasks and punishing drivers for their illegal acts, players can earn respect from fellow police officers. This helps to level up your game and gain points. Based on your work, you can either lose or gain points. More the points earned, more equipment can you gather like barriers, tools, k-9 dog, and many more.  

  • Cops examine the technical faults of the vehicle

In cases of spilled oil, bald tyres, broken lights, drivers are to pay fines. Cops issue a suitable ticket to, mentioning drivers to be responsible for all damages.

  • Discover contraband

The game feature several illegal products, activities, and practices. Players are to search for them and exposé the drivers. 

Items including drugs, smuggled alcohol, weapons, and other illegal products are found hidden inside car compartments. It’s your call to either report them and detain drivers or get bribed and let them cross borders 

Contraband Police is a unique video game featuring simulation and action. Played in the first-person narrative, players take the role of a real-life border guard. Their task is to prevent drivers from indulging in illegal activities like smuggling. By periclinal their duties responsibly, they can earn respect and a good name among fellow police officers. The new points earned in the process can be spent to collect upgraded equipment, tools, trained dogs, etc. Which ensures better safety. 

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Contraband Police – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 750
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

Contraband Police – Recommended System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 1050
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 5 GB available space


Is the game compatible across all platforms?

No, Contraband Police can only be played on a PC system that has windows 7 or upgraded Windows versions.

Is the game single player?

Contraband Police have only a single-player mode. There's no online multiplayer mode available.

What are the various genres of the game?

The game can be classified as Simulation, Adventure, 3D, Virtual, and First-Person video game.

Contraband Police Download

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