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Do you remember the phrase – ‘time and tide wait for none. Well, 10 Second Ninja has been built upon a similar concept. Even 1-second matters in this platform. Let us explore the super cool ninja game with a unique concept. This game is not only related to action, but time plays a great role in this gameplay. So, can we take a moment and explore every bit of this cool time management game. Now, get set go for the battleground and show your skills.

10 Second Ninja PC Game Download

Name 10 Second Ninja
Initial Release Date 19 July 2016
Platforms  PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, Macintosh operating systems, Xbox One
Publisher Thalamus Digital Publishing Limited, Curve Games, Mastertronic
Genres Action game, Casual game, Indie game, Simulation
Engine GameMaker
Category PC Games >Platform game, Puzzle Video Game, Shooter Video Game

About 10 Second Ninja

We are all aware of the past and also know about the cruel Hitler. What if you get the chance to blast the Nazis once again on this virtual platform? But the only thing that stands between you and the enemies is the time. 10 seconds is all that you can have, do or die; you will be in any of these two states after the battle. Aren’t you excited to taste the perfect combination of action and suspense? You never know what will happen in those 10 seconds. We should give credit to Four Circle Interactive for developing such awesome gameplay. Mastertronic has published 10 Second Ninja. Since 5th March 2014, this game has been ruling over the hearts of millions of players.

How to play 10 Second Ninja?

You will play the role of a ninja in this gameplay. 10 Second Ninja is based on side-scrolling; it is more like a puzzle. The major objective is to destroy the Nazi robots within 10 seconds. 10 Second Ninja has multiple levels and you need to cover up all the levels with your best performance. Let it be level 1 or 40, the time frame of 10 seconds remains the same. 10 Second Ninja rewards the players with a maximum number of stars if they can bash the enemies within the shortest period. Be fast and furious, that is the best mantra for 10 Second Ninja. The players need to attack and finish the opponents, once the onscreen counter is done, we can focus on the next event.

Features of 10 Second Ninja

This action game is famous for full-on entertainment. The cool features are the reason for such popularity. We can take a moment to check the characteristics of this game. The below-mentioned pointer is as follows:

  • Multiple levels

This journey will never end. You can have fun within 40 different levels. Each level has distinct graphics and challenges but the time limit remains the same. The difficulties and enemies might get stronger with the advancing levels.

  • Rewards

You need to secure 3 stars in each level. The less time you take to complete each round will determine the number of stars you get. You will have to play like a pro and blast the enemies within that time, which is the only way to win 10 Second Ninja.

  • The challenges

It is not at all easy to complete the whole levels of 10 Second Ninja. You need to practice and have a proper grip on the functional keys, which is the only way to overcome the challenges and kill the enemies within a short time.

  • Multiple achievements

In 10 Second Ninja, the players may achieve 30 different achievements. All you need to do is play well; you can go back and re-play the old levels to secure the 3 starts for all. The amazing achievement will increase the interest in this game.

  • Multiple players

This game is all about time and action, if 10 Second Ninja you can have healthy competition with your friends. Check out your progress and try to secure the best position.

You cannot get rid of entertainment and action in 10 Second Ninja. You can have the best part of killing the evil Nazi and Hitler. Just a little practice can make you the hero of 10 Second Ninja. This play is a very productive game for all those who cannot spend a long time after video games.

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10 Second Ninja – Minimum System Requirement

  • Memory:2 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
  • CPU: Intel Core 860
  • File Size:100 MB
  • OS: OSX 10.6


Does this game have controller support?

Yes, 10 Second Ninja has partial controller support.

What is the mode of gameplay?

This game can be played by single players.

How much space is required?

10 Second Ninja needs 100 MB space.

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