Resident Evil 3 (2020) PC Game Download Full Version (v2023.04.20 & ALL DLC)

Resident Evil is a thriller and a horror game. This version of the game is a remake of the previous version which is Resident Evil: Nemesis which was released in the year 1999. In this game, the player makes efforts to survive a zombie apocalypse. The player in this game will be in a position to survive and combat hundreds of Nemesis bioweapons which are known for their intelligence.

The game in itself includes an online multiplayer mode known as Resistance in Resident Evil 3. The game is known for its amazing graphics that are noteworthy. Irrespective of any type of video game, the players’ initial focus will be on the graphics and sound system. This game has amazing features that are noteworthy.

Resident Evil 3 game was released on 3rd April in the year 2020. Interestingly, the game received the award for its best sound system in the same year. At the start of this game, the player controls Jill, who is the protagonist of this game. The player will have to play from a single person perspective.

Resident Evil 3 PC Game Download

Name Resident Evil 3
Initial Release Date 3 April 2020
Director(s) Kiyohiko Sakata; Yasuhiro Seto; Yasuhiro Anpo; Yukio Ando
Series Resident Evil
Modes Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Developers Capcom
Category PC Games > Survival

About Resident Evil 3 

Resident Evil 3 is a game that is published and developed by Capcom. The game is quite challenging as the player will have to survive through the entire game. It is a horror game that has very good graphics, gameplay, and features. The presentation of the game is well organized by the developers of Resident Evil 3. 

Resident Evil 3 received favourable comments and reviews from the players as well as the reviewers. There are many biological weapons available in this game and the players are supposed to survive to win this game.

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The game is available on several platforms such as Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Playstation 4. This game is played in a first-person angle which is quite similar to that of biohazard in Resident Evil 7.

The game Resident Evil 3 which is called the Nemesis is the remake of the Resident Evil game series that was released in the year 1999. The game received many positive reviews. According to Metacritic the game received 84 out of 100 on Xbox one platform. More than one lakh fifty thousand copies of the game were sold to the public.


The gameplay of Resident Evil 3 is quite challenging and different compared to other video games. Do you want to try playing a video game that is different from that of the usual one? If so, Resident Evil 3 is a must-try one. Before that, it is important to know about its gameplay. Scroll below to know more about the gameplay of Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3 has an online multiplayer mode where the players can play the game online. The Resistance mode in Resident Evil 3 allows the player to play as a team of four members who overcome the enemies by creating traps and escaping from other hazards that are created against them. The players fight against one ‘mastermind’ who acts as their enemies.

The game takes place in a fictional location called Raccoon city. This game happens during the outbreak of a virus known as T- Virus which was created by Umbrella Corporation which is a pharmaceutical company. In this game, the players are supposed to survive a zombie apocalypse. 

The players are considered to win the game if they successfully survive the attacks from the mastermind who makes use of various types of biological weapons. Neobards entertainment developed this multiplayer mode, which is the highlight of Resident Evil 3. 

Previously, the multiplayer mode was set to be developed as a separate game known as Project Resistance. But now it is a part of the Resident Evil 3 game known as the multiplayer mode.

Features of Resident Evil 3

Features are the important part of any game, and here we are listing some of them:

  • Resident Evil Resistance Mode

Resistance mode in this game allows the players’ to team up with other members and attack the opponent. This feature is praiseworthy as it adds value to this game. The player plays along with the opponent who is called the mastermind. The player can have a thrilling experience by surviving the zombies. 

  • Graphic Quality

One important feature of Resident Evil 3 is the graphic quality. Graphics in this game is realistic and gives a wholesome experience. Since it is a horror game, graphics play a very important role it is praiseworthy. 

  • Bioweapons

In this game, the players are supposed to survive the bioweapon attacks by the opponents to win the game. There is something called STARS in this game which means Special Tactics and Rescue service who are attacked by the Nemesis. Nemesis is nothing but referred to as the bioweapon used by the opponent.

  • 3D Models

The game offers a wide range of 3D models that are featured in this game available to the players. The players are supposed to control the protagonist named Jill who fights against the mastermind and survives through the zombie apocalypse. The three-dimension feature of this game makes it more interesting and engaging.

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Overall the game gives an experience that is thrilling and terrific. The players can experience a good graphic and sound system which is one of the noteworthy features of this game. Resident Evil 3 has been awarded ‘The Game Awards’ in the year 2020 for its best audio design. The main challenge to win this game is that it starts well but it is quite challenging for the player to survive the game. It needs concentration and attention to win this game. 

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Resident Evil 3– Minimum System Requirement

  • Memory:8 GB
  • Graphics Card:AMD Radeon RX 480
  • RESIDENT EVIL 3 CPU:Intel Core i7-3770
  • File Size:45 GB
  • OS:WINDOWS® 10 (64-BIT Required)

Resident Evil 3 – Recommended System Requirement

  • Memory:8 GB
  • Graphics Card:AMD Radeon R7 260X
  • CPU:Intel Core i5-4460
  • RESIDENT EVIL 3 File Size:45 GB
  • OS:WINDOWS® 7, 8.1, 10 (64-BIT Required)


What type of game is Resident Evil 3?

Resident Evil 3 game is a horror survival game that can be played through Microsoft Windows, Playstation, and Xbox one platform.

Can Resident Evil 3 be downloaded for free?

The full and free version of Resident Evil 3 can be installed and downloaded on PC.

Can Resident Evil 3 be played offline?

No. the Resident Evil 3 game cannot be played offline and it can be played only through online mode.

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