Dead Space 2 PC Game Full Version Download

Dead Space 2 is a science fiction survival horror video game that has been directed by Wright Bagwell. The game Dead Space 2 is available to play on multiple platforms which includes Microsoft Windows operating system, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The game was released in January 2011 and since then it has received very positive reviews from critics and gamers all across the globe. Dead Space 2 has been developed by Visceral Games and produced by David Woldman. The story of the game has been written by Jeremy Bernstein. The game is now available to play in single-player and multiplayer mode.

Dead Space 2 PC Game Download

Name Dead Space 2
Initial Release Date  25 January 2011
Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Developer Visceral Games
Publisher Electronic Arts
Composer Jason Graves
Series Dead Space
Category PC Games >Adventure, Shooter

What is the game about?

The game Dead Space 2 begins about three years after the events of the first game. Dead Space 2 follows the protagonist Isaac Clarke’s fight against a new Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl, a space station that is surrounded by a shard of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Unlike the last generation game, Dead Space 2 has a multiplayer mode that pits human characters against Necromorphs across the Sprawl.


The developers of the game have been successfully able to keep the game as futuristic as possible with help of its gameplay. The player controls the main character Isaac Clarke from a third-person perspective. Players will be looking from the shoulder of the main character in the whole game giving them a good vision of the surroundings. The gameplay of ​​Dead Space 2 has been designed with all the latest technology which makes the game feel so much easier and more fun to play. The controls of the game have been integrated quite well making the game feel seamless.

Features of the games

Dead Space 2 is a game that has been around in the market for quite a long time. The game has still not lost its popularity in the gaming community. The main reason for the game being popular now is because of all the great features it offers. Here we have listed down a few of the features of Dead Space 2 which are worth mentioning.

  • Multiplayer Mode

The game comes with the multiplayer mode in which players will be able to play against other players in an ultimate battle of the last man standing. The multiplayer mode is the most played game mode and requires a stable internet connection.

  • Character building

Each character in the game has been built in a very proper way and this is why playing with them is fun. Each character has a strong back story and all their skills are based on their story. Players will help characters learn new skills and master their skills in the game.

  • Cross-Platform Play

The game Dead Space 2 is available on multiple platforms to play. With the help of cross-platform play players will be able to play the game Dead Space 2 with their friends and family even when they are not on the same kind of console. This is a feature that helps developers increase the multiplayer game audience.

  • Regular Updates

The game has always been in demand since the time of its release. The developers have made sure that they keep the game updated and keep it free from any kind of bugs or errors.

There are not a lot of horror games available now which support multiplayer mode. Dead Space 2 is a game that has both multiplayer and singleplayer mode which makes it a perfect game to play with friends as well as alone. The game Dead Space 2 has been published by Electronic Arts and this is also one of the reasons why it is so much popular.

How To Download Dead Space 2 PC Instructions

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Dead Space 2 – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: Pentium 4 or better
  • CPU SPEED: 2.8 GHz processor or equivalent
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (XP), 2 GB RAM (Vista or Windows 7)
  • OS: Windows XP (SP2) or Vista or 7
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or better (7300, 7600 GS, and 8500 are below minimum system requirements), ATI Radeon X1600 Pro or better (X1300, X1300 Pro and HD2400 are below minimum system requirements), 256MB Video Card and Shader Model 3.0 required
  • FREE DISK SPACE: At least 10 GB of hard drive space for installation, plus additional space for saved games


Who is the producer of the game Dead Space 2?

The producer of the game Dead Space 2 is Davide Woldman

Who is responsible for programming the entire game Dead Space 2?

The entire Dead Space 2 game is programmed by Dean Grandquist and Steve Timson.

What are the platforms Dead Space 2 is available in?

Dead Space 2 is available on multiple platforms which include Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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