Final Fantasy III Download Free PC Game Full Version (2021)

Games are the ultimate source of entertainment. Videogames can help you to escape from the real world and experience the most desired dream. Just like fictional movies and books are famous among people. Final Fantasy III is also popular among the players because it can take you to a different world full of magic and mystery. This is the time to have some adventure and play this simulation game. You are about to encounter the future and the eternal power. Get ready to fight with the dark force and bring peace back to the world.

Final Fantasy III PC Game Download

Name Final Fantasy III
Initial Release Date 27 April 1990
Platforms Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation Portable, Etc.
Developer SquareSquare EnixMatrix Software
Publisher Square, Square Enix, SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.
Designer Hiromichi Tanaka, Kazuhiko Aoki
Series Final Fantasy
Category PC Games >role-playing

About Final Fantasy III

Action lovers might be acquainted with Final Fantasy; it is a famous franchise that is famous for the adventurous game series. Final Fantasy III is deeply related to the previous sequels – Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II. This game takes place on an unnamed planet, which is the living world of technologically advanced civilization.

Greed is the most destructive trait and the avarice of people demolished their planet by falling into the trap. The endeavour, to control over the four powerful elemental crystals of light has washed up the future of this planet. The light faded and darkness rose above the head. Only four orphans are destined to defeat the darkness. So, get ready to play the most deserving protagonist of Final Fantasy III.

How to play Final Fantasy III?

It is turn-based combat gameplay, which will let you play the role of interesting characters. Final Fantasy III is based on rich content and you are about to be a part of a historical journey. When evil takes over the world only courage can save us from this dark era. Fight the enemies, using all the powers of the protagonist. Once you choose the character, you will have to continue for some time. You can change from one job role to another; some jobs feature non-battle abilities, innate or ability to find out passages. Explore this virtual platform; use the weapons, different pieces of armour and magical spells to defeat the enemies. As you proceed in Final Fantasy III, the challenges will level up.

Features of Final Fantasy III

This game has a very interesting plot; it is no less than a famous fictional story. The features of Final Fantasy III add extra charm to this gameplay. Now, that you are aware of the gameplay, let’s explore the characteristics:

  • Interesting characters

Final Fantasy III revolves around four orphans from a village. You can play the role of Luneth, who is very courageous. Later you can switch to Refia, Ingush and Sasune. Each of them has interesting features and you have the right to try them all.

  • The graphics quality

This game has the classic effect of 2D pixel graphics, which can give you the feeling of the good old days. The scenes on-screen look very vivid with the bright colours. The developer had finely designed all the locations and characters.

  • Add-ons

Final Fantasy III features advanced gameplay, with modernized UI. There are auto-battle options for the players and they can explore the bestiary, illustration gallery, music player, etc.

  • Single-player

No support is required to defeat the enemies. You can handle all of it; just believe in your gaming skills. Players can be on top of the chart with their excellent performance, you can be there too. Now, you don’t have to share the achievement.

Square Enix has developed this game and released it on 28th July 2021. Just after the release Final Fantasy III has gained so much popularity around the globe. If you never played Final Fantasy, it’s time to experience something new. Get out of the shell and make your character, the hero of this story. Explore a new world with a twisted past.

How To Download Final Fantasy III PC Instructions

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Final Fantasy III – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP 2.4 GHz
  • CPU SPEED: 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows Vista


Do I need the internet to play Final Fantasy III?

No internet connection is required for playing this game.

Is controller support available?

Yes, a partial controller is available for Final Fantasy III.

In how many languages Final Fantasy III is available?

12 different languages are features for the players.

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