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Here we have an awesome role-playing game for all the adventure lovers – the only Fallout. It’s time to explore the future and Fallout: A Post-nuclear will take you there virtually. So, gamers are ready for some fun and action because our journey is about to begin. Let’s relive the tragic event that destroyed the whole world. Back in 1997 Fallout: A Post-nuclear was released on 10th October. This game has that awesome touch of retro, so the 21st-century babies can experience the old classic quintessence of video games.

Fallout: A Post Nuclear PC Game Download

Name Fallout: A Post Nuclear
Initial Release Date 1997
Platforms Microsoft Windows, DOS, macOS, MS-DOS, Classic Mac OS
Developer Interplay Entertainment
Publisher 1C Company, Interplay Entertainment, Dice Multi Media Europe BV, MacPlay, Mastertronic, Best Distribution Srl
Genre Role-playing Video Game
Series Fallout
Category PC Games >Role-playing

About Fallout: A Post Nuclear    

Fallout is a famous franchise, which has millions of fans around the world. This virtual platform allows the players to do whatever they want. Interplay Productions has developed and published Fallout: A Post Nuclear to surprise their fans around the globe with fantastic gameplay. This game is praised for its open-ended feature and has achieved positive reviews from many sources. Fallout: A Post Nuclear revolves around a post-apocalypse, which demolished the living world. A Post Nuclear predicted the most approving scenario – the war for natural resources. The greediness of human beings had driven a global war among the major countries China, Alaska, the United States, Europe and Canada. Few lives were saved and they were kept in fallout shelters – Vaults.

How to play Fallout: A Post Nuclear? 

The players can start the game by selecting the most favourable characters. Either you can create you on vault Dweller or you have the options to create customised vaults and impute by yourself. The system has a unique program; ‘SPECIAL’ can check on the primary statics of Vault Dweller – strength, endurance, charisma, perception, luck, intelligence and agility. Your strength will control the effectiveness of weapons, which can be used to attack the enemies. In Fallout: A Post Nuclear, the players will be able to visit different locations and interconnect with the habitant of that area. You earn the rewards based on performance in the quests. There are many ways to participate in the quests – combative, diplomatic or stealthy. Fallout: A Post Nuclear is like a blank page, so be creative.

Features of Fallout: A Post Nuclear

We love playing action-based games, especially the ones which had a very interesting plot. Fallout: A Post Nuclear is very famous for its amazing engaging quality and the features are in demand. This game gives superpower to the players, so let’s explore the characteristics:

  • Combats

Fallout: A Post Nuclear has turn-based combats. So your character is capable of performing multiple actions in each turn. Isn’t that an amazing feature? You get so many options for one single turn.

  • Weapons

There are multiple arsenals available for the players. You can use a knife or gun based on the situation. The players can also switch between the weapons. At a time you can hold two weapons. Punch, kick, stab or do whatever you want to.

  • Lead the story

Fallout: A Post Nuclear is open-ended gameplay; the players can lead the storyline. You can choose among the options and determine the twist of the plot. Our decisions will lead to a different ending.

  • Variable characters

Fallout: A Post Nuclear has multiple characters. You can be creative with the protagonists. Three pre-installed characters are there as well. You can choose among – Albert Cole, Natalia Dubrovhsky, Max Stone; they have unique characteristics and stories.

Look how technology and evil motives can lead up to. Fallout: A Post Nuclear is a fabulous game that has replicated the tragic event from the future. It is fictional gameplay, which takes the players to different worlds. But will you be able to survive this tragic situation? The question lies with your survival and where the game might be leaded.

How To Download Fallout: A Post Nuclear PC Instructions

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Fallout: A Post Nuclear – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS:Windows
  • PROCESSOR: Pentium 90Mhz or faster
  • MEMORY: 16 MB
  • DIRECTX: Any DirectX
  • STORAGE: 565 MB
  • SOUND CARD: DirectSound or SoundBlaster Compatible


What is the mode of gameplay?

Fallout: A Post Nuclear can be played in single-player mode.

How much space is required for Fallout: A Post Nuclear?

This game needs 565 MB of available space.

In how many languages this game is available?

Fallout: A Post Nuclear is available in English, German, Spanish and French.

Fallout: A Post Nuclear Full

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