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Coming from Myles Jorgensen, Air Marty is a moral dilemma mini-game released in 2019. The game centers around the adventures of Marty, who wishes to go on a vacation with their wife, riding an airplane. Marty never had a simple flight before. Help Marty ride an airplane in Air Marty and make his dream come true. 

Read on to know more about Air Marty from the details below. 

Air Marty PC Game Download

Name Air Marty
Initial Release Date
18 Nov, 2019
Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS
Developer Myles Jorgensen
Publisher Dipster Productions LLC
Mode Single Player
Indie game
Category PC Games >Indie

What is Air Marty about? 

In simple terms, the game is a little bizarre. From the moment you start the game, players aren’t sure what’s happening. A lot of things happen without the player even realizing or anticipating it. 

Air Marty comprises innumerable short stories about Marty. The game starts from the moment Marty is about to go on a vacation with his wife. The story keeps changing once you complete one level and that depends on the numerous mini-games that players play. If you complete one, you can play the next game. 


To do certain actions players need to hit the spacebar or arrow keys from time to time. The game doesn’t have numerous controls in the first place. It’s possible to play the game in one hand because all you need is WASD and a spacebar. 

The stories aren’t too interesting but quite fast-paced. One can complete all 64 endings in two hours. The game offers a continue option that allows players to go back and replay any mini-game they want to. This option has made Air Marty a little more bearable. 

Features of Air Marty 

Now that you know about the gameplay of Air Marty, it’s time to talk about its features. The features are what make the game more interesting and intriguing. So, what are you waiting for? Join Marty and his family on their vacation today! 

  • Alien Invasion

The game features an alien invasion. If Marty cannot shoot, the bullet aggravates a UFO. When this happens, a mini-game starts where players target the plane. If they succeed, the UFO driver steals the plane and takes it for his son who plays with it like a toy. If players fail to target the plane, the rest of the fleet will turn the Earth into pieces. 

  • Plethora of minigames

The best part of the game is Air Marty doesn’t feel like you are playing the same game again and again. There are innumerable mini-games to participate in. Also, there’s a scope to revisit a mini-game and play differently. 

  • Multiple endings

Can you believe Air Marty has 64 different endings? The variety of content present in this game is what makes it interesting. 

  • Amazing artwork 

That’s the biggest positive for Air Marty. Its artwork is stunning. The artwork has enhanced some of the stories, allowing players to enjoy the game better. Complementing the artwork is the music which again appropriately suits the environment of the game. 

Overall, Air Marty is a game worth playing. It’s fun. It’s different from the usual video games we play. Critics and players have mostly loved the variety of mini-games present in the game. Once you start playing, it’s hard to keep your eyes off the game. What keeps the players glued to the screen is the variety of mini-games available. 

How To Download Air Marty PC Instructions

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Air Marty – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: 1 GHz Processor
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: The latest version of your graphics card drivers
  • Storage: 700 MB available space

Air Marty – Recommended System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: 2 GHz dual-core processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: A nVidia or AMD graphics card with latest drivers. We recommend you avoid any hardware using Intel graphics chips due to their poor performance, stability, and feature set.
  • Storage: 700 MB available space


How many different endings are there in Air Marty?

There are 64 different endings in Air Marty.

Can you play Air Marty on windows?

Yes, the game is compatible with Microsoft windows.

Is there a multiplayer mode in the game?

No, Air Marty doesn't have a multiplayer mode in the game.

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