Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000 USD

best gaming laptop under 1000


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  1. Thank you for the good writeup. It in fact is a good list! I have the Dell Inspiron and its really still good for me. Although i would want to get some of the gaming laptops from MSI or ROG ASUS as they look cool.

  2. Hey man, thanks for the comparison, just looking for this kind of info. and thanks for the 1050ti tip, please keep the hard work.

  3. For anyone who bought a Dell with TN panel : You can return it and get full refund, or keep it and have $70 refund back to your account. I chatted with Customer Support and they offered me $70 refund to keep the Dell with TN panel. I said no, so Dell sent me a full refund. I’m satisfied with my new Dell with IPS Panel. You can’t ask for a better customer service. Good job listening to your customers Dell.

  4. Asus the best buy for me ti and 1tb (illuminated but you need to buy a decent cooler for MAX performance good quality too!!!)

  5. This kid in my class bought a dollar loptop and told amazon he never got it and got a full refund….. Wow scammers

  6. i dont want a “gaming laptop” because of the disgusting design, i want a sleek, metal business ultrabook that look like dell xps or macbook but with gtx 1050ti/1060

  7. if i wanted it for gaming, I would 100% go for a used pc, it would probably take a lot of hunting to find one in the best condition possible, but I had purchased a gaming laptop almost 2 years ago, about a year and a half after buying it for 1100 USD, I tried to sell it. It was in immaculate condition, batteries aren’t expensive to replace on it, but i had used a third party battery most of its life which did end up dying (it was a really cheap one) but the original battery was only used a few times, so that just mean it was in even better condition

  8. MSI or ASUS? Which company is better? Are there any features that one company offers that the other does not? Which would you choose and why?

    • I think it honestly depends on the product itself, both brands are excellent but both have good and bad products. I personally love the aesthetics of ROG products, but MSI has some kickass stuff too. I would just research the individual part you want to buy and compare both brands offerings rather than locking yourself down to one company.

  9. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and this is exactly what I was looking for. I just wanted to know what the best gaming laptop for the money was and I think I found it.

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