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Caesar II is a popular city-building game that was developed by Impression Games and published under the banner of Sierra On-Line. The game has been designed by Christopher J. Forest and David Lester. The game was first released on 4th September 1995 and since then all the reviews about the game have been very positive. The game is part of the City Building series and is available to play on Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Caesar II PC Game Download

Name Caesar II
Initial Release Date 4 September 1995
Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Xbox One
Developer Impressions Games
Publisher Impressions Games, Sierra Entertainment
Genres City-building game, Strategy Video Game
Series Caesar
Category PC Games >Strategy

What is the game about?

Caesar II is an ultimate city-building simulation game where players will be building Rome. Players will be the governor of the Roman province and players will be responsible for building the capital city. Players will be choosing from dozens of authentic structures which include Circus Maximus, bathhouses, aqueducts, and temples. Players will be building all the structures and watching the city come to life. Players will be challenged to rise and become the next Caesar. Players will have to keep expanding their territories if they want to go ahead in the game and increase their rank.


opportunity to civilize adjacent barbarian provinces eventually reaching the entire Roman Empire at its height. Once one of the provinces is completely civilized the game will unlock a brand new province for the players to work on. Players will be competing against another computer that is trying to civilize the surrounding province. Players will always stay ahead of the computer to be able to unlock the surrounding provinces.

Features of the games

Caesar II is a game that has been around in the market for more than 26 years. The main reason why the game Caesar II is still popular is because of all the great features it has. Here we have listed down a few of the features of Caesar II which make the game a must-play for all.

  • Multiple structures to choose from

When players will be building the Caesar II city they will get the opportunity of choosing from multiple building structures. All the structures are unique and have their use in the province. Some of the popular structures in the game are Circus Maximus, bathhouses, aqueducts, and temples

  • Good Graphics

The game Caesar II comes with good graphics which makes it look like a decent game. The developers have added the latest technologies to the graphics making them look good even when players are playing the game on a big screen.

  • Regular Updated

The developers of the game have worked and released the game a long time back but they have never stopped updating it. The game never lost its popularity and this is why the gamers kept rolling out updates regularly keeping the game bug-free.

  • Low System Requirements

The game Caesar II was released in 1995 and technology has come a long way since then. The system requirement at that time has become very low right now so that game Caesar II can run on almost every PC out there. The game does not even require any kind of external graphics card to run on a PC.

Caesar II is one of the most fun city-building games out there in the market now. The game started the whole genre of simulation back in 1995 and since then it has been a genre quite popular in the gaming community. The game Caesar II was way ahead of its time back when it was released and to date, it has still been able to stay relevant.

How To Download Caesar II PC Instructions

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Caesar II – Minimum System Requirement

  • Minimum CPU Class Required: Intel i486 SX
  • Minimum OS Class Required: PC/MS-DOS 5.0
  • Minimum RAM Required: 8 MB
  • Media Type: CD-ROM
  • Minimum CD-ROM Drive Speed Required: 2X (300 KB/s)
  • Video Modes Supported: SuperVGA
  • Sound Devices Supported: General MIDI, Gravis Ultrasound / ACE, Pro Audio Spectrum, Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster Pro
  • Input Devices Required: Mouse
  • Input Devices Supported: Keyboard
  • Number of Offline Players: 1 Player
  • Requires at least: 25 MHz CPU, 5 MB of free HDD space


Under which banner was the game Caesar II developed?

The game Caesar II was developed under the banner of Impression Games.

Who is the artist behind the game Caesar II?

The artist behind the game Caesar II is Chris Beatrice

When was the game Caesar II released on the Mac operating system?

The game Caesar II was released on the Mac operating system in 1996.

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