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We can never forget about the days we played Roguelike video games, seems like yesterday. Lots of new genres of entertainment have arrived in the market, but no one can beat the vintage essence of the classy Roguelikes. Caves of Qud can give you the exact experience; it will take us into a world of thousand years old civilisation. Deal with the sultans, explore around, and slash anything thatch comes in your way. Caves of Qud itself is a massive world of mystery and adventure. 

Caves of qud PC Game Download

Name Caves of qud
Initial Release Date 15 July 2015
Genres Roguelike, Dungeon crawl, Indie game, Early Access, Adventure, Strategy
Freehold Games, LLC
Platforms Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems
Mode Single-player video game
Developer Freehold Games, LLC
Category PC Games >Role-Playing

About Caves of Qud

Freehold Games have developed and released the game on 15th July 2015. It’s a Roguelike game, which can be played by a single player at a time. The game represents grid-like images on the screen. Caves of Qud is a science fantasy RPG game. It has nice ratings and already ruling over the game world.

The development process of Caves of Qud is still going on, since 2007. This epic game is the dream project of co-creators Jason Grinblat and Brian Bucklew. For more than a decade the developers are trying to progress in the field of visual effects, content, background music, original soundtrack, new lore, etc. The Early Access of this masterpiece was released in 2015, but in 2010 the first beta has been revealed. The full release of Caves of Qud will be soon in 2022.


In Caves of Qud, the characters are displayed as grids, because it is a Roguelike. This game has a scripted quest system. The players can choose to go with the flow of pre-written plots and follow the main quest line or they can simply ignore it. 

The game starts with a default pre-loaded location, the town of Joppa; though the players can choose a different location at the beginning. You can either choose “True Kin” as a character or you can become a mutant who has both of the capabilities, the mental and physical; this aptness can be a great advantage in Caves of Qud. 

The game platform is based on physical and political systems. Caves of Qud revolve around historical events and relations among them. As it takes us to an adventure of the past, you can find around five rulers, the Sultans. The moment you join the game, you arrive at Joppa, which is beside the Great Salt Desert. Around you will find a farm, farmers, and small huts. You with your belongings approach a waterline farmer and the farmer tells you to live and drink.

Players can do various activities here; they can dig tunnels anywhere in the world, melt whatever comes in their way. You can also purchase the book from the albino ape mayor. Charm the goat, so that it joins you or controls the clone’s mind to hack the clone. This game is like magic, anything is possible. The players can also grow glowing mushrooms on their hands by contracting a fungal infection. This is the stage for wild experiments. 

Features of Caves of Qud

This science-fictional game is based on imagination, which has a compelling story base. There are lots of secrets to explore in the Caves of Qud. It is packed with evocative features, those are mentioned below:

  • Customaries your character

There are 70 mutations available for the players in this game, choose any one of them. You can also give your avatar a wing or two heads, quills, four arms, flaming hands, quills, six arms, etc. 

  • Strengthen your hood

In this game, Caves of Qud there are over sixty factions to make allegiance with; like the robots, apes, or crabs.

  • Historical manuscripts

The players can learn about the rich tradition. The plant historians write about the exotic in-game past, every nook has an interesting story. You can get access to their hidden world.

  • Rebirth

Death of the players is common in this harsh environment of Caves of Qud. But, one can join the game after rolling into a new character.

  •  Explore

There are distinct worlds in this game. The players can explore every one of them; some locations might look familiar as well. There are Nethack, CDDA, Dwarf Fortress, and Elder Scrolls III Morrowind, etc.

Caves of Qud takes you to a deep, detailed, and highly imaginary world. All these qualities of this game make it so unique from other Roguelike. Caves of Qud gives you the platform for being independent, be whatever you want to be, do what you wish to do. It gives you another level of possibilities. The players can have the essence of vintage video games. Once you start playing this you will not be able to stop unless you get tired of exploring the massive world.

How To Download Caves of qud PC Instructions

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Caves of qud – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 3.70Ghz or higher
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64 bit)
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or higher

Caves of qud – Recommended System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 7600K 3.8GHz or higher
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64 bit)
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or higher


How much storage do I need for this game?

You may need around 2 GB for Caves of Qud.

On which version of Windows OS I can play Caves of Qud?

This game can run on Windows 7 SP1+ or Windows 10 will.

Can I get early access to this game?

No, you need to play the game at first and give feedback; the developer will update the game and add more content.

Is this game free?

No, the Early Access of Caves of Qud is available for $14.99 (USD).

Caves of qud PC

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