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Control game was developed by remedy entertainment which is an adventure video game. The game was released for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Play Station 4. Xbox X/S series will be launched by the publisher this year in February. The game is mainly about involving the Government of the United States agency which is the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC).

Control PC Game Download

Name Control
Initial Release Date 27 August 2019
Publishers 505 Games
Director(s) Mikael Kasurinen
Awards BAFTA Games Award for Performer in a Supporting Role, The Game Award for Best Art Direction
Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S
Developers Remedy Entertainment
Category PC Games > Action,Adventure

SCP Foundation is a fiction that inspired control video games. Footage of live-action and voice work contributes to the additional music in a control video game. The game was recognized with many positive reviews and was considered to be one of the top games of 2019.

About Control

The game revolves around the Federal Bureau of control US-based government agency that helps in investigating the Altered World Events (AWE) that is supernatural. The game provides different varieties of para natural contents that include object creation and special abilities that are grant to the wielders. 

Jesse Faden protagonist of the control video game starts the game by replacing the deceased person named Zachariah who was the director of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC). Some of the notable positions of control video games include Research specialist, Mysterious janitor, Head of operations, and Chief security.

Encounter director is an artificial intelligence system that is in-built in the control video game which helps the players to have interactions with their enemies which is based on the Gamers location and level in the old house. 

The Enemies in the control video games are mostly human agents that range from humans possessing firearms to heavy weapon variations. The enemies in this game also have different types of superpowers that are quite challenging for the player to overcome during the play.


The control video game is played playoff from the third person which helps the player to get ownership of the north light engine. The video game is set in a place that is inside the oldest house in New York City which is the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of control FBC. 

The Federal Bureau of control mainly explores the altered world events in which the piles and secures information regarding their power of the objects. An enormous amount of energy is being put by the Federal Bureau of control exploring the Supernatural realms and defines the space time laws. 

At the start of the game, there is something known as the Hiss which helps the player the barrier which takes into reality. There are numerous part ways in which the player can explore the oldest house which helps him to configure the architecture and its needs. Game the play will be controlling the protagonist Jesse Faden come to the old house the discovered the answers the question about altered world events which is the fight against Hiss.

In addition to control points, the player has the opportunity to unlock additional quests which aid the player to score more points during the gameplay. The game also has something called the launching of the projectile debris which helps the player in controlling the activities of the enemies. With the help of this feature, the player will be able to control the minds of the Enemies temporarily turn them into the players’ Allies. Isn’t that feature amazing?

Features of Control Game

There are many interesting features available in this game. Let us have a look at few notable features

  • Control Points

When the player completes the main mission the game gives the play or an opportunity to explore and encounter the areas called control points. These control points will be unlocked play after defeating the enemies. Control points are used by the players to help them to travel faster and save points throughout the gameplay. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

The gameplay has the best artificial intelligence system that controls players’ interactions and conversations with their enemies on the location in the old house. Encounter director is also known as the artificial intelligence system in control video gameplay to detect enemies which are ultimately based on the location and the level of the player in the old house. This option is predominantly used by the players who are human agents of the Federal Bank of Control (FBC).

  • Altered World Events (AWE)

The previous title of Altered World Events features of this game was Alan wake. The event happens in a bright Falls in Washington that revolves around Lake Claudron which is a Supernatural lake. A person named Hartman who is a psychologist is investigated and arrested by the Federal Bureau of control. The Federal Bureau of control confiscates all the research work materials, Hartman. In this game, the protagonist Jesse reaches the bright falls in Washington which is AWE. This is one of the unique features of the game.

  • Graphics and Design

Control video game is known for its amazing design and latest technology. The RTX graphic cards in this game have provided major support to the ray-tracing hardware of the Control video game. The game is designed in such a way that the player is motivated to explore learn and get lost in the game.

Control video game was awarded as the game of the year and also got several words such as best adventure game, best game art direction game story, and much more. According to Metacritic, the game scored 85 points out of 100. To put it in a nutshell this game can be amazing to beat boredom.

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Control – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS: Win 7 64
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz / AMD FX-4350
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 280X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780
  • System Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Storage: 55 GB Hard drive space
  • DirectX 11 Compatible Graphics Card

Control – Recommended System Requirement

  • OS: Win 10 64
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-7600K 3.8GHz / AMD Ryzen R5 1600X
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
  • System Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Storage: 55 GB Hard drive space


How long does it require for a player to play Control video game fully?

It takes a total of twenty hours for a player to complete all the levels of Control video game.

Is the Control game a horror game?

Control video game is an adventure game that involves action genre which is sometimes known as the horror game.

What are the platforms that provide a player to play Control video game?

Control video games can be played on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms which are easily accessible to the public.

Control Download

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