Crime Life Gang Wars Download Full Game PC For Free (v1.09)

Developed by Hothouse Creations, crime life gang wars is a video game especially released for various platforms like PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox. The game is a fictionalised simulation game depicting gang wars. The gameplay mostly focuses on street fighting and involves a lot of players at once. 

Crime Life Gang Wars PC Game Download

Name Crime Life Gang Wars
Initial Release Date
1 September 2005
Platforms PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox
Mod Multiplayer video game
Developers Hothouse Creations
Publisher Noviy DiskKonami
Shooter Video Game
Category PC Games>Shooter

The background music of this game had been provided by the hip hop group D12, which greatly enhanced the game’s ambiance and intensity. Developers have made this game perfect for both single-player and multiplayer gaming. The game had even won several accolades and awards that it truly deserved. To know more about crime life: city wars, continue to read below. 

What is Crime Life: Gang Wars about? 

Like already mentioned, Crime Life: Gang Wars is a free-roaming crime-based videogame that involves intense street fights and use of abusive language. The game is the right combination of strategy and action elements, incorporating a detailed, and storyline. The game represents what modern-day urban gang culture is about? Players are shown living in a small town, which are required to complete tasks to reach higher ranks and become gang leaders. The game depicts hip hop style and urban culture. 

When you begin the game, the player, named Tre, is shown to be a citizen of the underdeveloped district in Grand Central City. Being a hood resident, his dream is to be a part of the Outlawz, the local gang group. Now, to be a part, he has to prove his loyalty and efficiency. Therefore, players have to complete the said tasks on time. While he does them, he will be kept under check 24*7. 


The narrative of the game is strong and engaging. Through the interesting gameplay, developers have clear depicted the strains and dangers that are associated with gang membership. The game at the same time delivers a strong sense of morality. The task of players is to guard the people of the city against being abused and exploited by enemies. He also wishes to abolish treachery and violence that exists in society too. Set within the city of Grand Central City, the game is thoroughly engaging and impressive. Escape from the police as they follow you while completing your tasks on time. 

No one would regret playing this simulation video game. Play with friends and engage in cooperative multiplayer gameplay. Focus on the fight, win over your enemies, and proceed as fast as possible.  

Features of Crime Life: Gang Wars 

The game has depicted the urban reckless lifestyle quite flawlessly. The game is well developed and a lot of content has been incorporated by developers. Its free roam elements are especially praiseworthy. There are other notable features as well. Some of them are: 

  • Innumerable weapons 

When you indulge in fights, use the right weapons. You have lead pipes, baseball bats, guns, hammers, etc. 

  • Variety of missions to participate in 

Besides incorporating 25 major missions the game also brings some free-to-play missions to the gamers. In short, you would never be bored of this game. 

  • Multiple methods of earn money 

If you need to earn money to buy certain items, you can do so by doing a lot of activities. Firstly, you can complete tasks to earn rewards. Secondly, you can steal and rob others. 

Overall the game received favorable reviews from gamers and critics. If you haven’t yet played the game you must try it out. If you are someone who loves to play action games, there cannot be any better game than Crime Life: Gang Wars. So download the game today and enjoy!

How To Download Crime Life Gang Wars PC Instructions

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Crime Life Gang Wars – Minimum System Requirement

  • Memory:1 GB
  • Graphics Card:NVIDIA GeForce 510
  • CPU:Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz
  • File Size:100 MB
  • OS:Unknown

Crime Life Gang Wars – Recommended System Requirement

  • Processor:2.4 GHz
  • Memory:2 GB RAM
  • Additional:supports XBox Controller


On what platforms is the game available?

One can play the game on several platforms like PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft windows.

What modes does the game support?

The game has both multiplayer and single-player modes.

How many in-game missions are there in crime city: gang wars?

The game incorporates 25 in-game missions for players.

Crime Life Gang Wars Download

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