Death end re; Quest 2 Free PC Game Download Full Version (v2020.09.24 & ALL DLC)

Japan is known for being the pioneer in various fields. The small island is now known for its amazing animation series, and a variety of video games as well. This art of animation is furthered into the field of games as well. Not only that, the blend of anime and games become a blend of quite a smooth texture.  For instance, if you take the example of Death end re; Quest 2 Free into account, you will see how great the mixture can be. What is Death end re; Quest 2 you ask? It is the new horror role-playing game in the market. Interested to know more about it? Then you can just scroll on. We have all the fundamental details about the game that you could ask for.

Death end re; Quest 2 PC Game Download

Name Death end re; Quest 2
Initial Release Date 13 February 2020
Composer Yasunori Nishiki
Compile Heart, Idea Factory
Platforms PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Genres Role-playing Video Game, Action game, Strategy Video Game, Strategy game, Adventure
Publishers Compile HeartIdea FactoryJustdan International
Category PC Games > Role-Playing

What is the game about?

Developed by the idea factory, this game is not very old in the market. It was released in August, just last year, in 2020. But even in that short time frame, the game has been able to secure for itself quite a solid base of audience. What is the plot of the game? Let’s have a look at it.

The main character in the game is Mai Toyama. The character in the game is seeking an escape from her trauma-filled past. The game begins then she and rose herself in the all-girls dormitory which is situated in the small but aesthetic and long tails down of le Choara. The town consists of are you there what is associated with a family member of hers. It is her sister.

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Before her sister went missing she was last seen in this city only. In hopes of finding her sister our protagonist visits and decides to stay in the town. But little does she know what awaits her there. 

Soon after she starts living there, she finds out that horrifying inhabitants large and the streets of the city after dark. The streets get filled with creatures be a long game from the menacing group of shadow matter. As the plot of the game furthers, our protagonist realises that to search for the whole system, and be successful in the same, she will have to get past these pictures and unravelling all the secrets that the town polls close in and around it.

Yes just reading the plot gave you jitters and I shiver crept up your spine, then let us tell you that it is only natural. That is how the game is designed to be. Now imagine experiencing all of that you just read while at the same time being in the skin of Mai Toyama. 


Once you start playing the game, you can see that there is nothing too complicated about the game that you might not understand. The game has pretty simple gameplay. The sequences in the game are planned in such a way that they give you a clear idea about what exactly is going on in the game. 

The game is available only in single-player gaming mode. On the bright side, however, you get to interact with your surrounding environment. The game is a role-playing game. This implies that with everything that your character does, you will be able to experience all of them first-hand. 

As you keep on moving in the game come on you will unravel secrets about the town which will, in turn, help you to achieve your goal of finding your sister. As you move forward you will also be faced with newer and tougher challenges, which you would have to overcome to get closer to your objective in the game.

The game calls for a fine blend of your physical skills as well as your mental skills. Fighting your way through the horrifying down would require you to dig out some of your physical moves, you will also have to apply your mental skills to figure out how and when to strike and how to move forward as a whole. 

Features of the game

Even though the game has not been here for so long, it has already made a firm position for itself. But, how? The secret here lies in the amazing collection of features that the game has to fall back on. Let us check out some of the features of the game that have helped it to become what it is today.

  • An engaging plot

The plot has a proper baseline. It gives you a purpose. This makes it easier to play the game. When you have an objective in front of you, you function better. You know exactly what you are expected to do and function in the same way.

  • Easy user interface

The interface in this case consists mainly of the gameplay. The gameplay of this particular game is pretty simple. Once you start playing the game, and as you keep on moving further forward in the game, you will see that there is nothing that you would not be able to grasp.

  • Interesting

The fact that it has single gameplay does not affect the interesting aspect of the game. The events of the game are still quite interesting. The sequence in which they happen, and how they expect you to act, all adds up to how interesting the game is. 

  • Graphics

The game would not have been able to make the mark that it has already if it was not for the graphics. The graphics add a special spice to the already brilliant plotline of the game. 

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So, if you are a budding gamer, and are looking for a new game, then this role-playing game could be your best option. We have provided you with a theoretical understanding of the game, but you can only enjoy it the most when you play it yourself!

How To Download Death end re; Quest 2 PC Instructions

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  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy Death end re; Quest 2 PC For free

If you still face any problems or want to report any bugs please contact me.

Death end re; Quest 2 – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel i5 2.3GHz or AMD A9 2.9GHz equivalent
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 8 (64-bit)
  • VIDEO CARD: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5xxx, 1GB VRAM 5000 Series
  • SOUND CARD: DirectSound (DirectX) compatible sound card

Death end re; Quest 2 – Recommended System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel i5 3.3GHz or AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz equivalent
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960?ATI Radeon R9 290 or better
  • SOUND CARD: DirectSound (DirectX) compatible sound card


What is the genre of the game?

The genre of the game is a role-playing game (RPG).

Is the game available only in Japanese?

No, the game is available in a variety of languages including English. You can also make use of the subtitles that would be provided in the game.

Does the game consist of violence?

No, not really. The game does have a fair amount of horrifying graphics though.


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