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Are you tired of playing the same basic running and driving games? Are you interested in exploring games where the focus on the story? Then Journey is the game for you. In this indie adventure game, you will find out about your character’s past and know more about the civilization you belonged to. This journey will certainly be magical and mystical. Want to know more about it? Then read on below: 

Journey PC Game Download

Name Journey
Initial Release Date 13 March 2012
Publishers Annapurna InteractiveSony Interactive Entertainment
Awards VGX Award for Best PS3 Game
Designers  Jenova Chen, Robin Hunicke, Chris Bell, Bryan Singh, Nicholas Clark
Platforms PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows
Developers Thatgamecompany, Santa Monica Studio, Tricky Pixels
Category PC Games > Adventure

What is Journey about?

Journey was co-developed by Santa Monica Studio and Thatgamecompany. It was published by the famous Sony Computer Entertainment. Directed by the inimitable Jenova Chen, this game uses visual cut scenes and relies heavily on gameplay to tell its wordless story. 

The game begins with the character standing near a dune. You will find yourself in the middle of a huge desert and when you climb up the dune, you will find yourself watching a large mountain in the distance. But this mystical mountain holds secrets within. There is a great glowing crevice in the mountain which splits the peak. 

As you near the mountain, you will find signs of a lost but once prosperous civilization. But it’s now taken away by sands and time. But you can find out what went wrong by finding the stones that are scattered all over the ruins. There you will get visions of seeing a white and large figure in one circular room. 

You will find art on the walls which tells the story of how the civilization rose into prominence and then met its downfall as well. Note that if you pay attention to it then you will find that the art mirrors the journey you will take as well. 

As you will go on your journey, you will have to contend with high winds, cold climates, fatigue, and more. It’s a fun game where the ending is ambiguous. Not to mention the fact that there are two exciting endings for you to discover. 


The gameplay is smooth and there are no lags at all. The player’s first goal is to reach the mountain. But the path there is divided into multiple sections. You will get to control the camera angles to see in the direction you want. 

As for actions, you will be able to either jump using one button or shout out wordlessly using another. Know that you can produce a musical note using another button as well. If you are asking how long will the shout be, then know that it will go on for as long as you keep on pressing the controls. 

You won’t have any issues with finding the controls since they will be presented right at the beginning pictorially. Note that you will be able to fly using the magical scarf. However, it’s not unlimited power. To recharge you need to be near the red cloth pieces floating around. If you touch the various glowing symbols present in the game then it lengthens the scarf. So you can stay in the air longer. 

Note that the scarf is one of the major weapons and tools for you, the player. It is using this that you will be able to get into hard-to-get areas. As such you will also have to protect your scarf from the stone creatures that will try to tear it off. 


Here are the most important features of the game. Knowing these will enrich the gaming experience more: 

  • Meet other players

You will be able to meet other plays as well who are on the same journey as you are. Not to mention the fact that two players can indeed help each other. However, there is one restriction. The players won’t be able to talk to each other using text or speech. 

Want to see the other’s names? That’s not possible as well till you reach the credits. The only way to communicate is through musical chimes which make cloth pieces red. This affects the in-game world and allows the gamer to move through levels 

  • Visuals and music

Since this is a wordless story so there is a huge burden on the visuals and music to be extraordinary. Thankfully, these two sections come through to create a magical game. Multiple reviewers have praised the art and music. They have called it the best game of this era. 

Not to mention the fact that the game has won multiple ‘game-of-the-year’ trophies as well. It has also got nominated for the 2013 grammy for the Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. 

  • Saving

Know that you don’t have to worry about saving the game repeatedly since it comes with automatic saving. You will come across the “saving” message at the very top and this will let you know when the game is getting saved. 

But the game only saves once you clear one level. So keep that in mind. Know that if you pause the game then the screen will change to something else. Just move the controller again to get back into the action. 

  • Patterned robe

Know that your robe comes with a pattern at its borders. Once you complete each playthrough, a new border will get added to it. If you have found all the glowing symbols, then your robe changes to white. 

  • Online playing

Know that there is no need to play online. But there are 4 specific trophies that you can only get if you play online. So if you don’t want to miss out then go for online mode too. 

Journey is a different kind of game. Whether stylistically or in its theme, the game tries to do something different by allowing the player to find answers to his or her past. It is a game that will engross and engage you a lot.

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Journey – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-2120 | AMD FX-4350
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GTS 450 | AMD Radeon HD 5750

Journey– Recommended System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-2120 | AMD FX-4350
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 10
  • VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GTS 450 | AMD Radeon HD 5750


How many companions can you travel with?

Know that at a time you can only travel with one companion. Press the Circle button to communicate with them.

How to select the chapter you want to play?

Know that you can only do this when you have played the game once at least. To select the chapter press the triangle button.

Can you use your arms?

No, you can't use your arms. You will also find that your arms are not visible through the robes as well.

Journey Download PC

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