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EarthNight is a hand-painted rouge-like 2D action platformer video game developed by Cleaversoft and published by the same company. In this game, humanity has been wiped out and dragons have taken control of the earth and have decimated humans to the stars. Our heroes in this game are Stanley, a soldier with beards and sword wielder, and Sydney, a young girl with hidden magical powers. These two protagonists begin their journey in a spaceship, trying to reach the earth as soon as possible and slaying every other dragon that comes in their way. The ultimate goal of them is to reach the earth and eliminate the EarthNight dragon. 

If you are a beginner who is exploring video games of various genres, EarthNight is a good choice, to begin with. It’s fun and thrilling. The two characters constantly move forward. Both Stanley and Sydney have different powers and abilities and hence their performance rate varies. Stanley has simpler movements while Sydney’s movements are complex to master but are more rewarding. Continue reading further to know more about the game’s storyline and gameplay.

EarthNight PC Game Download

Name EarthNight
Initial Release Date
19 September 2019
Mode(s) Single-player
Developer Cleaversoft
Platforms  PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, iOS, PlayStation Vita, Macintosh operating systems, tvOS
Publisher CleaversoftIntragames
Genres Platform game, Fighting game, Roguelike
Category PC Games >Fighting

What is EarthNight about? 

EarthNight features quick, flawless moments that make gamers get the raw essence of this action platformer game. The title screen gets displayed in beauty and flash. Now, players need to press the start button and watch their selected character fall from a diverse sky and fight with dragons as they try to land on the earth’s surface and kill the last of the remaining dragons. 

Upon its release, the game garnered positive reviews from critics and gamers. It received praise for its gameplay, vivid visuals, and amazing soundtrack. The game has rightly delivered its essence to gamers and critics.

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It doesn’t take much time for gamers to figure out what’s wrong with the world. They understand that dragons have taken control of the earth and that humanity doesn’t exist. Immediately, Stanley and Sydney, our protagonists take the responsibility of themselves to save this earth and get rid of all mystical creatures and end their reign over humanity. While slaying dragons in space and on the earth, players have to be careful because unless they can kill the EarthNight dragon, they will not succeed. 

Right from the start of this game, EarthNight enlarges its scope and emerges as a much larger game. Protagonists Stanley and Sydney are auto runners and constantly keep running forward until they slay the final dragon on earth. Only a few times, players might notice themselves forward. They can however resume moving forward by pressing the right button. Though the ultimate goal of the game is simple, developers have incorporated several layers in it to make sure the game doesn’t look overly simple. 

Players have to avoid every attack and threat and continue collecting items so that they can unlock new abilities that would give them an upper edge over their enemies. Players are seen floating, driving, reaching new areas, collecting items snd avoiding hazards and obstacles all in a rhythm as Chipocrite’s intense soundtrack keeps playing in the background. 

Things aren’t as easily attainable as one might think. Players are going to die lots of times. Players have to master skills and implementing them to avoid frequent deaths. What they must learn is moving forward fast and using the newly unlocked abilities. The upgrades available are progressive and each one takes players one step ahead enabling players to leap further, become more powerful, faster, and effective. 

The game offers a great deal of satisfaction. The fantastic rides you experience in the sky, slaying enemies at one go using a sword, and reaching the distant earth gives an undeniable sense of satisfaction. Initially, not everything is under your control. You are weak and you need to gain powers. Once you start completing layers and progression in the game, there’s nothing that you cannot control. Unlocking upgrades can be done by doing a variety of things. For instance, you can kill the required number of dragons, collect specific items, grease a specific dragon, or exchange water, eggs, trophies, etc. In short, the game’s unpredictable, rewarding, and challenging at the same time. 

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Once you successfully hit five successive jumps, your health gets boosted to a great extent. Maintaining an optimum health level is important to avoid premature sudden deaths that will send you back to the start and you will have to do things again. By pulling back players to square one, the game makes repeat runs more compulsive. 

Features of EarthNight

By now you know that EarthNight is a vividly illustrated 2D platformer action video game dealing with dragons and animated heroes. It’s a painting brought to life. Humanity has been eliminated from the face of the earth and dragons are reigning hell on earth. Meanwhile, Stanley and Sydney come to rescue the earth from the ultimate EarthNight dragon soaring high above the planet, all the while a unique, sharp chiptune continues to play in the background. Every moment of the game is intense and filled with intricacy. The following features further intensify the atmosphere of the game: 

  • Enhanced graphics

The game features more than 10,000 frames of animated and painted art throughout. Developers have turned the world of EarthNight into a magical fantasy world of mythical creatures and beasts, overflowing with imagination. The visuals not just look hand-painted but are hand-painted. The dragons, enemies, characters look extremely bizarre. This concept of visual styling incorporated in the game makes EarthNight an absolute delight. 

  • Vast vivid surroundings

Players get to explore five strata of the atmosphere fighting against more than 40 mystical creatures and 15 unique dragons and hundreds of scraps. These items have been given life-like formations by artist Mattahan, who has meticulously painted every form of animation and art found in earth night. 

  • Variety of gameplay mechanics

To allow players to make the most of this game, developers have incorporated more than 25 altering power-ups that assist players on their journey as they kill dragons and uncover their secrets. 

  • Intense soundtrack

Developers have incorporated an intense, original soundtrack that’s in sync with this game’s atmosphere. The soundtrack includes 20 different songs blended and developed by Chipocrite. The background never becomes tedious and successfully heightens the thrill and excitement for gamers. The soundtrack is filled with chiptune tracks, guitar riffs, catchy songs, and whatnot! 

The best thing about EarthNight is that there are so many aspects that developers have allowed players to handle and discover. The game doesn’t follow set rules and allows players to play as they like. A change in the background music hints at a new mystical character appearing. A specific dragon will appear when the moon turns to its full shape. Health can be restored by doing a few activities. For instance, tapping your boots five times while skydiving will do the work. These are things that players learn as they play the game again and again. The game rightly builds a community and helps players feel accomplished for finally understanding any of the above-mentioned secrets. 

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EarthNight – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 5 GB available space

EarthNight – Recommended System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Storage: 5 GB available space


Is the game worth it?

It's one of the most entertaining and interesting video games for beginners. It's even better because of its magical, hand-painted graphics. Players are sure to never regret playing EarthNight.

Does the game offer multiple-player mode?

No, players cannot play the game in a multiplayer mode.

On what consoles is the game available?

The game can be played on several consoles like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo switch, etc.

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