ECO HOLE Full Version For PC Game Free Download (v1.0.0)

Games are invented for entertaining us. Players love to explore a different world, participate in adventurous quests and play the role of lots of interesting characters. Those who love to explore and full-on action. They can easily fulfil their wish in ECO HOLE, a full-on third-person survival game, which has a chilling plot and fabulous gameplay. So what are you waiting for? Let’s play ECO HOLE and explore this fabulous virtual world full of action to live the tangiest nightmares. Either you survive or die; there is no way to go back.

ECO HOLE PC Game Download

Initial Release Date 12-Oct-2021
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Developer AIHASTO
Publisher AIHASTO
Genre Indie game, Adventure
Mode Single, Double Player
Category PC Games >Adventure

About ECO HOLE Full Version

AIHASTO has developed and published a top-notch survival game, named ECO HOLE. This game was released on 8th October 2021. Soon after its release, it has grabbed the attention of millions of players around the world and you cannot skip its awesomeness. With a unique plot and fantastic features, ECO HOLE is here to take you on a bumpy ride. Everything was well and good until one day people of the town began to change into monsters. In this darkest time, only you can help to deal with the tragedy. Be their one and only hero and bring an end to this chaos.

How to play ECO HOLE?

ECO HOLE will drop you straight in the middle of a jungle. The darkness dominated over the brave souls; players need to get away from that situation. Find out the mystery behind this disastrous situation and save the town from getting destroyed. ECO HOLE features multiple weapons and puzzles to keep the players engaged. Explore as much as you can to collect the necessary items and use them to attack or defence. While you are busy with the tasks don’t forget about the deadly creatures, use the function keys to attack them – being conscious is better than facing the consequences. Use different strategies for different monsters. This game also provides maps to assist the players. Now, it is your turn to use them all against the evils.

Features of ECO HOLE Full Version

Players have always enjoyed this wondrous survival gameplay. It is a third-person survival game, which will bring the best out of you. Every step can be a big challenge and the features of ECO HOLE are awesome. Let’s know more about the characteristics:

  • Single-mode

Players can participate alone and enjoy the ECO HOLE. Be the one and only hero and destroy the evil ones like a pro. Boast about your achievements and do not let anyone take that shine away.

  • Multiple players

ECO HOLE can also be played by more than one player. In the Co-op mode, two players can participate together. It is always great to have a company. So, bring down your friends to the battleground and fight against the deadly creature together.

  • Explore

The more you explore ECO HOLE, the more discoveries you can make. Use the multiple maps to move around the forest and dungy areas. You have to face many challenges on the way but there are other surprises too. Each map has different challenges for the players.

  • Different goals

There are many characters in ECO HOLE, which have distinct goals to achieve. Explore the area, solve puzzles and then find out what needs to be taken care of. Challenges are vague until they are discovered by the players.

ECO HOLE is a brand new adventure. Enjoy with your friends and fight the evil ones together. It is your turn to show some action. You have to end this chaos and turn everything into normal, just like before. Play as a team because double players multiply the challenges. It is time to get deeper and live a fantastic moment likes any Hollywood movie.

How To Download ECO HOLE PC Instructions

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ECO HOLE Full Version – Minimum System Requirement

  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 270
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-920
  • File Size: 1 GB
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10


In how many languages ECO HOLE is available?

This game is available in English and five other languages.

Is this game suitable for children?

No, ECO HOLE has mature content.

Is controller support available?

No, only partial controller support is available.

ECO HOLE Full Version

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