Epic Car Factory PC Game Free Download (v1.02)

People need to be talented to become an entrepreneur. If you think that, you are capable of being the most successful businessman one day, why don’t you try your hands in Epic Car Factory at first? This is a very interesting simulation game, which is based on a car manufacturing company. Not any small business but a large scale industry will be in your hand, and you will be dealing with millions of dollars. Make money, make cars, make your customers happy – it is a very simple mantra that can be followed by the players. So, what are you waiting for, let’s begin the journey and see your business skills?

Epic Car Factory PC Game Download

Name Epic Car Factory
Initial Release Date 10 Apr, 2018
Platforms PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita
Developer Epic Devs LLC
Publisher Assemble Entertainment
Genre Simulation
Mode Single-player
Category PC Games >Simulation

About Epic Car Factory

Epic Devs LLC has developed epic gameplay, names Epic Car Factory. This game was published by Assemble Entertainment on 10th April 2018. This game is all about building, market structure, and hiring, firing, canalising man force; just like real-life business, Epic Car Factory will put you through ups and downs.

You just need to be very careful] and play this business game with the best strategy. Being the CEO is not an easy option, but this game drops you straight in the seat of the CEO. Fulfil your responsibilities; the loss and profit are in your hand. Be determined to make your company the best among the others and beat the competitors with your awesomeness. Not just hard work but you will have to be determined for being the best. Epic Car Factory only demands your attention.

How to play Epic Car Factory?

This game revolves around a car manufacturing company, so you will get the chance to operate every part of the industry. Epic Car Factory will provide the players with resources like manpower, supplements, electricity, a market, etc. You must use them carefully and keep manufacturing different kinds of cars, which are in demand. Meet the needs of the market at first and then, use your resources for every car.

Players need to invest in the raw materials and manufacture the vehicles at first. After that, start selling them into the market. Don’t worry if the numbers turn red due to excessive expenses, but be confident to turn them black with the bulk of selling. The screen will display the factory floor. Read the instructions at first and then buy the mechanical tools, the different parts will be assembled later by the workers.

Features of Epic Car Factory

Epic Car Factory is a famous game and has been ruling over the gaming market for a long time. Not just the unique concept but there is so much more. Let’s enjoy every part of the game and check them out:

  • Cars

Car lovers, it’s your game so use this opportunity well. The players can enjoy 70 types o different cars. Along with the types of the car development process, Players can explore the 70 cars which will be part of the research.

  • Workforce

The potential workers are always responsible for the development of a company. You must do the same and canalise the employees. Each player gets 40 employees, who have different capabilities.

  • Epic Car Factory PCAdvertising

Just like in the real world, you will have to promote your own company. So that, people can never forgets about you. Do as much marketing and advertisement as you can, so that it can increase the rate of selling.

  • Awesome graphics

Epic Car Factory has featured the old classic 2D visual effects. Gamers can easily relate this play with the past and bring back the memories of the old school. The screen would look very colourful and it will be comforting.

Now that you know all about Epic Car Factory, can you become the next successful CEO of your own company? Your very own car industry is just one click away, fulfil all your dreams and in this virtual platform at first. Play multiple levels; fulfil the criteria within a time limit, what else can be done. You can also contract jobs and choose the timeline. Players can choose among dynamic timelines and fulfil their wishes within this virtual platform.

How To Download Epic Car Factory PC Instructions

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If you still face any problems or want to report any bugs please contact me.

Epic Car Factory – Minimum System Requirement

  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Graphics Card: ATI FireMV 2200 PCIe
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.80GHz
  • File Size: 100 MB
  • OS: Windows 7, 8 or later


Can I play Epic Car Factory with my friends?

No, this game supports single-player.

Is this game suitable for children?

Yes, Epic Car Factory is perfect for them.

Is full controller support available?

Yes, Epic Car Factory features full controller support.

Epic Car Factory PC

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