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The comical world is nothing without DC. This comic has served generations and introduced exciting characters and heroes. We cannot imagine our childhood without DC comics. To all the DC lovers out there, here we present you with the Eradicator. Save mankind like a hero in Eradicator. Shield the innocent people from the hostages and be their hope. All these heroic activities can be done in one and only Eradicator. So, let’s start our comical journey.

Eradicator PC Game Download

Name Eradicator
Initial Release Date
Platforms Microsoft Windows, Linux, DOS, MS-DOS, Classic Mac OS
Publisher Retroism, Tommo Inc., Accolade, Nightdive Studios, Square Enix Europe
Genres Third-person shooter
Mod Single-player video game
Category PC Games >Shooter

What is Eradicator?

Once upon a time, a massive citadel captures the wealth of the galaxy and hostages the other creatures. The Eradicator will take you on an amazing space adventure. You will play the role of the protagonist and help to achieve the goals. The credit behind this action gameplay goes to Accolade. This same developer is behind its successful release. 

On 28th October 1996, this game was released in the market. In Eradicator you have to skilfully shoot the enemies to win the game. That moment should be the most memorable. Do enjoy being the tremendously powerful character of Eradicator. After all, Eradicator has the powers and abilities which are beyond the DC Universe.

How to play Eradicator?

The gameplay of Eradicator is based on first or third-person shooting. Eradicator will take you to a completely diverse world known as planet Loxia. This is one of the famous lands, which has rich resources like the mineral element Mazirum. You will have the access to 20 different kinds of weapons that can help you in surviving. 

You will have to save yourself from the dangerous ground-and-air-based cybernetic mechanisms and other deadly alien creatures. Eradicator is full of thrill and action. You need to solve a series of unique puzzles at each level to complete them skilfully. That is how you can proceed in this game. Earn maximum points to be on top of the leader board.

Features of Eradicator

Eradicator is among DC-based games which have been ruling over the market for a long time. The fans cannot stay calm with this game, since there are lots of action and drama. You can get addicted to shooting the opponents, which is the most satisfying thing. Also, Eradicator has very awesome features, which are listed below:

Eradicator Free

  • Multiple characters

In Eradicator, the players can choose among three different characters: Kamchak the alien Treydan warrior, mercenary Eleena Brynstarland Dan Blaze the human mine engineers. All the characters are unique and they have very distinct looks.

Eradicator Free

  • Controls

The players can easily control various apparatus and projectiles with the help of remotes aren’t that amazing. Now the controls become easier and help you to power up. This feature can help the players to survive longer.

  • Different locations

The game of Eradicator takes place in Loxia planet, which has reactive alien frosts. You will find out different scenes, like the defense and miscellaneous bases, factories, refineries, and research laboratories. Explore the locations and enjoy the different environments.

  • Visual effects

Eradicator has an awesome 2.5D graphics design. All the scenes are minutely detailed and the colours are bright, which can help you to enjoy the view of planet Loxia. The screen looks like a real event happening in front of the eyes.

  • Picture-in-picture

This feature can help you to manage the gameplay like a pro. You can easily switch from one scene to another or observe both along with this play.

Eradicator is an awesome first-person game, which can give you a great experience. You can enjoy the whole session, kill the enemies and solve the puzzles. Eradicator has received positive responses from various critics. After all DC fans cannot keep their hands off Eradicator. Solve the puzzles and dash through the enemies’ land.

How To Download Eradicator PC Instructions

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If you still face any problems or want to report any bugs please contact me.

Eradicator – Minimum System Requirement

  • Memory:512 MB
  • Graphics Card:ATI FireGL T2-128
  • CPU:Intel Atom Z510
  • File Size:700 MB
  • OS:OS X Leopard 10.7

Eradicator – Recommended System Requirement

  • Memory:512 MB
  • Graphics Card:NVIDIA GeForce 510
  • CPU:Intel Atom Z510
  • File Size:700 MB
  • OS:Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


What is the mode of gameplay?

Eradicator can be played by multiple players with the help of modems.

Can I play this game on the internet?

Yes, Eradicator can function without an internet connection.

What is the storage requirement for Eradicator?

This game needs 700 MB of available space.

Eradicator Free

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