Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash Free PC Game Download Full Version (v12282020 & Uncensored)

Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash is the first video game developed by Cyberframe studios and is a casual simulation game. Kupaa Studios and Critical Bliss, both of which specialise in eroge, published this game. A Cyberframe studio is a studio that specializes in hentai animation. This game was released for Microsoft Windows on December 21, 2020. This game is based on a visual novel created in the West and incorporates the concept of Trans fetishism.

Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash PC Game Download

Name Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash
Initial Release Date Dec 21, 2020
Microsoft Windows
Developer Cyberframe Studios
Publisher Critical Bliss
Genres Casual game, Simulation
Mod Single Player
Category PC Games >Simulation

What is the game about?

This game contains mature themes and is not appropriate for children of all ages. The game’s characters are all over the age of 21. Emily, the protagonist, is confronted with a dilemma in which she mysteriously grows a gigantic cock. Her libido levels rise to crazy heights as a result of this. She finds it difficult to look at her female coworkers without becoming horny, and her desire to masturbate has risen. All of this affects her lifestyle, and she ends up spending all of her time at home binge-watching hentai and eroge to satisfy her insatiable sexual urges.


Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash’s gameplay is based on the simulation genre. Players will take on the role of Emily, a transgender woman who has difficulty mingling with others. This problem arose recently as a result of her newly discovered genitalia. This game’s setting is incredibly nicely done, with Emily depicted in the most humane way imaginable. A few situations in the game hint that Emily feels a lot of self-hatred and doubts her femininity as a result of her newfound genitalia. The game isn’t about Emily getting involved in a lot of lesbian action, but it is about Emily getting involved in a lot of lesbian action.

Features of the game

Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash is a hentai game that depicts the realities of a Trans woman’s life. The truth of what a transgender person faces is not fully acknowledged in several dialects of this game. Only a few games have a plot like this one, so we can at least applaud it for introducing this concept to video games. The features that make this game work are listed below.

Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash Free

  • Sex Scenes

This is a crucial feature for a hentai game, and the developers have done an excellent job implementing it. In Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash, the sex scenes are constructed in such ways that the conversation comprises multiple lines of transcribed sound effects and scream out what the actors are going through. The game’s writings have been done exceptionally well by the developers.

Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash Free

  • Storyline

The plot of Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash is great. Players will unconsciously connect and understand the game’s numerous characters. In addition, the numerous sex scenes will feel like they are integrated into the tale rather than isolated scenarios. This game depicts the plot most naturally and realistically possible.

  • Visuals and Voice Acting

Everything in Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash that has to do with visuals, such as the characters and artworks, is very well done. All of the characters in this game have distinct personalities, and some of the sex scenes are beautifully animated. This game’s animation is clean and detailed. This game features fantastic voice acting that delivers a fantastic performance. In addition, the game’s soundtracks were incredibly groovy.

  • Game’s interface and UI

Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash have visually appealing interfaces as well. From the outset, players will be able to choose each character’s path. This helps in maintaining the story’s uninterrupted flow. These paths are based on a typical plotline with an evident happy ending, with the majority of the options being predictable and twisted.

Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash Free

  • No Bad Endings

The game is designed in such a way that any glorified abusive behaviour is avoided. This game encourages users to express their boundaries and makes the entire characters feel like real people. This element of the game has no bearing on the game’s quality because it gently handles any toxic situation without the players being aware of it.

Fixing Futa Dick Dine and Dash have delivered an unusually good performance. Being one of the few games that recognize Trans fetishism, this game has done a fantastic job of not letting its users down. It continues to be the greatest game to suggest to anyone looking for a game that feminizes Trans persons.

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Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.8GHz Dual-Core CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics

Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash – Recommended System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • CPU: 2 GHz
  • RAM (memory): 2 GB
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • HDD: 1 GB free space


What age group should Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash be played by?

This game is open to anybody above the age of 21.

How long do Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash's main plot last?

This game's main plot is 2 hours long.

When did Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash come out?

In the year 2020, Futa Fix Dick Dine and Dash was released.

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