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Genesis Noir is a video game from the adventure genre. The developer of this game is the Feral Cat Den which is an American Studio. The main character is followed in the game, who is named No Man. He knows visiting various segments of the universe while thru try saving his love. The game was launched on the macOS, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox One on the 26th March 2021. 

The Genesis Noir is a click-and-point adventure game that can be played on different vignettes. The player then gets prompts for moving their interaction or character along with the scene with the help of different props present on the screen.

Genesis Noir PC Game Download

Name Genesis Noir
Initial Release Date 20 June 2019
Publisher Fellow Traveller
Feral Cat Den
Platforms Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Macintosh operating systems, Xbox One
Genres Adventure game, Puzzle Video Game
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Category PC Games > Adventure

What is the game about?

It plays the role of a metaphorical narrator in between a film which is styled as a noir detective along with the features of the development and capable destruction of the entire universe. It can also play the different happenings of the life of Big Bang in between a romance, which is broke in between the No Man as well as to try to pause the Golden Boy from the killing of Miss Mass. 

No Man, who is a maker of the watch can fall into the depression post his breakup with the very popular Miss Mass, who is a singer in the nightclub. He also makes attempts to call her and also hear her voice when she is crying. It can also help in crying and can race her to the apartment when she finds that she is just going to be shot by the Golden Boy who is a very famous player of saxophone who can find her band. 

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Once the invested bullet is spent on casing the weird making of the spiral, he can find that he has the potential to stop time and can also determine whether he should stop the bullet of Golden Boy by developing a new black hole. Then, he moves ahead and tracks down more of these symbols via events that can happen where there are no black holes and can be turned into Golden colour. These are stated through the different vignettes following the development of the whole universe as well as the different life stages of the Earth for obtaining this. 


Gradually, when sufficient samples were collected, no Man can transform their work energy for creating a big black hole but which starts to absorb all the reality. A white coloured figure, a mixture of the ronin, Huntress, Musician as well as a scientist looks like uncomfortable to the No man and also appears that he can view all the opportunities in the time, and also that he can’t save all the people present. When this happens, No Man reverts to that point where he initially had his encounter with the Miss Mass, as well as the forces to turn him back, changed the timeline for allowing the Golden Boy to kill the Miss Mass, and permit the creation of the universe. 

The gameplay of this game is very interesting. However, some players who play it for the first time might find it a bit difficult, but overall, it is a good game to play. The components of adventure that are present in the game make it even richer and popular. That is the main reason why this game is trending in the game market. It is an amazing game to play even if you are not a lover of adventure games. It is an extremely popular video game that is downloaded by millions of players from different parts of the world. So, what are you waiting for? Just download the game and start playing. Before you start playing the game, look at the features.

Main features of the game

The Genesis Noir is an outstanding game that is over-packed with adventure. Also, the elements of adventure featured in this game are very different and unique from all other games of this series. Hence, you must take a look through the important features of this game:

  • Feedback 

It is one real thing that makes this game so popular in the gaming market because every action was taken by the player has flexible visually and aurally. The sprouting trees, broken materials can become whole once again as with time, you can try making all of this happen. 

You need not destroy the environment, you can just create it in so many new ways, without even feeling like a God who is omnipotent, Genesis Noir can still manage to capture the Wholesome feeling of what the universe is made up of, a huge cosmic accident. 

  • Music 

This is also a significant factor of the game. The jazz noir and film noir certainly show belongingness to the words like love, laugh, and live but is it also a pleasure to visualize the different ways by which music is incorporated in the game. At times, rarely, the soft tones of the saxophone, bass, and piano are produced just background music and nothing more. This is used for setting the scene.

  • Engaging gameplay 

The gameplay of this game is very engaging. That is a major reason why so many players are engrossed in this game. It lets you play the game in many different modes. You can play it in both multiplayer as well as single-player modes. 

  • Real-time adventure 

Another important feature of this game is real-time adventure elements. These elements make the game very enjoyable amongst the players. Every element of adventure used in this game is distinctive from all other games of the same kind. 

  • Graphics 

The graphics that you get in this game are as wonderful as they can be. You can enjoy the graphics in any mode you play the game. The graphics comprise very unique adventure components which don’t make you feel bored. 

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Thus, the Genesis Noir is an outstanding game to play if you are a lover of adventure games. It is an all-new inclusion in the world of adventure games. You can play it for free until you are going for the in-app purchases which might require you to pay charges. You can play this game on any device you want. So, if you haven’t given it a try yet, go ahead to download this amazing game. 

How To Download Genesis Noir PC Instructions

  • Step 1: Click On Download Button, You will be redirected to our download page
  • Step 2: Click On Download Genesis Noir PC Button
  • Step 3: Your Download Will Start Free Installer Officially Created From
  • Step 4: Download & Install The File & Then You Will Be Able To Install The Game
  • Step 5: With Good Internet Connection, It Will Be Easy To Download The Game
  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy Genesis Noir PC For free

If you still face any problems or want to report any bugs please contact me.

Genesis Noir – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS: Win Xp 64
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0GHz / AMD Athlon II X2 280
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7790 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750
  • System Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 2 GB Hard drive space
  • DirectX 10 Compatible Graphics Card

Genesis Noir – Recommended System Requirement

  • OS: Win 10 64
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0GHz / AMD Athlon II X2 280
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7790 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750
  • System Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 2 GB Hard drive space


Is it will free to play a game?

The game can be played for free only if you want the basic features and not the premium ones.

Is the game too difficult to play?

The game is not very difficult to play. Though the first-time players might find it a bit complex, but with a few instructions, it can be played easily.

Can you download it on PC?

Yes, you can easily download and install this game on your PC.

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