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Holoball is one of the most popular video games that were released initially on 22nd November 2016. This fabulous video game supports various languages and hence increases the interest of the players while playing. If you are new to this industry then, this post will be of great help to you. Interestingly, this video game supports the cross-platform feature as well.

What is the game all about?

If you are new to this game then, you would indeed wan6 to know all about this game. Tree Fortress Games initially developed Holoball. Tree Fortress Games and Bigger Games published this incredible action-based video game. This sports video game was developed on two different platforms including Microsoft Windows and Android. One can play this game on both the computer system as well as a mobile device. They can enjoy playing it anywhere from their mobile device.


Extremely easy it is to play Holoball action-based sports video games. It is an arcade sports-based video game where the players will have to use all their skills and strategies to win. The players will be using their paddles to smash, curve, and hit the hole ball towards the opponent to gain points as many points as possible. The more shots the players can hit, the higher will be their score. It is a strategic game where the players will have to outmatch the opponent by hitting the target by using the skill shots.

Features of the game

Holoball is an incredible video game that offers equally incredible features to the players. If you are a gamer then, you will be already well aware of the lucrative features this game offers while playing. If you are new to this entire game industry then, you need not worry! Here in this action, we have laid down all the significant features of this game that it offers sot the players while players. So, go through the features below to get clarity for your better understanding.

  • Single-player gameplay mode

To begin with, Holoball is a single-player video game where the players will be allowed to play individually. All those who enjoy playing games all by themselves without the company of the players would find this game too exciting. One such game will provide a lot of fun without the involvement of too many players playing at the same time.

  • Exquisite environment

In addition to this, the environment in the game is exquisite. You can explore the world and attain full control over the game while playing. If you love action-based video games then, you would indeed like this game as well. It is a physics-based game where the players will have to use all the tactics to defeat the enemy and win the game.

  • Leadership board

Moreover, it also has a leader board which also that helps the players to assess their performance. With the help of this leader board, the players will be able to enhance their performance. If they see themselves at the lowest level then, they will know they have to put in a lot more effort. In case, their name is at the top then, it would simply mean that they have to keep doing the same to stay at the top.

  • Action-based responsive game

In the final words, an action-based video game is and also responsive. This video game is paddle-based and hence unless the players hit and smash the enemies they will not be able to win here. They must kill the enemies quickly so that they can master this game and enhance their performance level to the top. So, if you want your performance bar to be at the top then, you will have to constantly put in the effort.

Holoball is an excellent game that offers multiple features to the players. The above-mentioned are a few of the features that this game offers to the players. If you wish to explore more of the features then we firmly suggest you start playing this incredible game. It will add a lot of fun and entertainment to your life.

Holoball PC Game Download

Name Holoball
Initial Release Date
25 Apr, 2016
Android, Microsoft Windows
Developer TreeFortress Games
Publisher TreeFortress Games, Bigger Games
Mode Single-player video game
Genres Action game, Indie game, Sports
Category PC Games >Sports

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How To Download Holoball PC Instructions

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Holoball – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: i7-2600k
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • OS: Windows 7

Holoball – Recommended System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: i7-2600k
  • Graphics: GTX 790


What is the storage space requirement of this video game?

The storage space requirement of this video game is around 309.94 MB.

Why should you play this action-based video game?

If you are a great fan of action-based games then, you should indeed give a shot at it.

Can you play this incredible game on your mobile device?

Yes, you can play this incredible game on your mobile device.

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