How to Raise a Wolf Girl Free Download Full Game PC (Incl. R18 Patch)

How to raise a wolf girl is a single-player simulation game that is developed by Sweet & Tea and published by the prolific American video game publisher, Sekai Project. The game was released on October 12, 2019, and has gained immense popularity. The life of Kousaka Shuuji turns upside down when he and his friend “Kana” discovers a mysterious girl in the mountains. 

The girl was found trapped inside a cage and she had wolf ears and a tail. As per the appearance, the girl was strange and her name was Sakuraba Iroha. Shuuji learns that this girl was spirited ten years ago. That is why the girl was more an animal and was wild. She was not even able to speak. 

After knowing the harsh truth, Shuuji finds himself falling in love with Iroha. Her fierce innocence attracted him. The story of the game is heart-warming. The background quality and the natural scenes are simply beautiful. The game revolves around the heroine who has lost multiple years of human interaction. 

How to Raise a Wolf Girl PC Game Download

Name How to Raise a Wolf Girl
Initial Release Date 11 Oct, 2019
Publisher Sekai Project
Genres Video game, Indie game, Casual game, Simulation
Price $17.99
Microsoft Windows
Developers Sweet & Tea
Category PC Games > Simulation

What is the game about?

How to Raise a Wolf Girl is a visual novel that has caught the attention of the masses very easily. It is about a brave girl who has spent several years of her life without any interactions with the human. Kousaka Shuuji and his childhood friend, Kana finds the mysterious girl in the mountains as they were exploring the countryside. The name of the girl is Sakuraba Iroha. She did not want to be found; however, she got caught in the traps of Shuuji’s grandfather. 

The girl is found to wear a tail and a pair of wolf ears. Shuuji and Kana decided to take the girl along with them, but they were not sure whether to treat her like a human or pet. Iroha has been in the woods for the last ten years after she was lost. Like the torn pages of a calendar, Iroha’s lost years can never be regained. 

The story is all about how Iroha and Shuuji plan the future days. Kana has feelings for Shuuji, but she gets along with Iroha easily and even the other girls close to him. How to Raise a Wolf Girl has various touching moments and topics that made Iroha’s life difficult.

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The game How to Raise a Wolf Girl focuses on being a drama with a blend of comedy and romance. After spending over ten years in the mountain with a wolf God, Iroha has to learn how to become a human again. The bonus point in the story is to see how the character of Iroha grows beautifully as she learns to open up with humans and learns how to trust. 

High-schoolers Shuuji and Kana live in a small village in the Japanese countryside. As they were cleaning a shrine in the mountain forest dedicated to the Mountain God, they discover a girl who is trapped in a boar cage place by Shuuji’s grandfather. When they observe the girl minutely, they find that Iroha has a bushy tail and wolf-like ears. 

She is even unable to talk. Shuuji opens up the cage to fee the girl and takes her home and cares for her. The story is about love, loss, and friendship. It has been written extremely well and is pretty emotional. There is a sufficient character development option in the game that allows the player to understand and care about what happens to the characters. It is a lighthearted visual novel that depicts the development of a helpless girl.

Features of the game

Sweet & Tea and Sekai Project have done a stupendous job with the creation of How to Raise a Wolf Girl. It is a game that has several significant features. If you have not played the game before and want to know more about the game, the following features would help you.

  • Comfortable storyline 

The story of How to Raise a Wolf Girl is focused on the life elements. The game has a comfortable storyline and decent drama. You have to be more than 18 years of age to play the game. However, it is a sweet and pretty story that is well accepted by people of all ages. 

  • Engaging game 

How to Raise a Wolf Girl is a visual novel. However, it does not have any lengthy buildups like the others. It throws you right in and lets you kick start things early. The player can enter the main game of raiding a wolf child and that makes the game short and refreshing.

How to Raise a Wolf Girl Free

  • Awesome settings menu 

How to Raise a Wolf Girl has a settings menu that is filled with options to customize the experience. There are text speeds, customizable character voices, and auto mode settings. It also supports custom font and multiple languages.

The game How to raise a wolf girl does not deviate from the genre; instead, it presents a story that every fan had expected. The high-quality visuals of the novel tell a story of lost pain, friendship, and the lost past. The character of Iroha is nice. Despite her being an airhead, she is so adorable that Shuuji falls in love with her. The mountain forest scenes of the game are brilliantly painted with water and foliage. It made the whole place seem to be serene. The characters look and feel were quite realistic. When you play the game, you will laugh, cry and smile several times.

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How To Download How to Raise a Wolf Girl PC Instructions

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How to Raise a Wolf Girl – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo (Core i3 or higher recommended)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1280 x 720
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 3 GB available space

How to Raise a Wolf Girl – Recommended System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: INTEL core  i3
  • Graphics: 1280 x 720
  • DirectX:  9.0c
  • Ram :8 GB


How is the character art of the game How to raise a wolf girl?

The character art is incredible with high quality and beautiful characters with few animations and lots of emotions.

Is the sound quality of the game good?

Yes, the sound and music are well selected and are of premium quality that you would enjoy throughout the game.

What is the storyline of How to Raise a wolf girl?

It is about a Sakuraba Iroha who is more animal than human and her journey of transformation into a complete human being.

How to Raise a Wolf Girl Free

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