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Mr. President! Is a 3D physics simulated video game developed by Game Developer X on October 10, 2016. The protagonist of this game is rock hard Johnson, whose task is to protect the president from shooters and other enemies. All you have to do is make sure President Rump continues to survive despite the constant efforts to assassinate him. Let’s continue to read below to know about the game in detail. 

Mr.president PC Game Download

Name Mr.president
Initial Release Date
October 10, 2016
Genres Action game, Indie game, Adventure, Simulation
Game Developer X
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Publisher Game Developer X
Mod Single-player video game
Category PC Games >Adventure

What is Mr. President about? 

Mr. President! can be considered to be a historical solitaire video game focusing on governing the US as the president of the country in today’s times. The game, however, isn’t an election game. The events of the game occur after the presidential election is over. The game involves sitting in the position of authority and trying to establish your agenda while keeping in mind the prevailing crisis, political chaos, public option, and relation with other parties and the press. One can also consider Mr. President to be a rescue management video game, where you have to utilize all your resources to achieve your agenda. The game interestingly doesn’t follow a definite storyline. The next path of action will always be determined by the choices you make. 


There are innumerable groups in the game who will be your allies or enemies depending on how you treat them. Players are hence advised to strategize accordingly so that the allied groups help them in gaining more power, capital, and resources. The game has several stories. Each of them provides different allied groups and resources to players. To assist you in managing foreign relations and determining a suitable foreign policy, players are always assisted by the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defence. With their guidance, you can utilise the military power of the US anytime. Players also have innumerable friends and domestic advisors who help players to deal with politics and domestic issues. 

Every part of the game is further subdivided into four one-year turns.  

Before every turn begins, players are given time to plan actions and assess their strategies. They are given a chance to layout their right sketch, re-analyze their strategy, reconsider the resources and threats he has faced, etc. What makes the game more interesting is the world stage, which is a dynamic platform. 

You can choose to plan actions and implement them accordingly. Your actions determine your progress. Good actions like fighting against terrorism, addressing world crises, solving domestic issues, and making diplomatic choices affect your progress positively. 

Once you finish giving a test of what you have planned, a quarter rounds is over. Players now progress to the next round, unless four different rounds are complete. 

Features of Mr. President!

Mr. President! isn’t a normal surface game. Developers have tried their level best to add depth and content to it. It can be impressive and frustrating at the same time. However, most players have enjoyed the game to the fullest, mostly because of its amazing features. We shall now go through some of the interesting features of Mr. President!

  • The Map

The world map of the game allows players to keep the domestic and international situations in check. The map is again divided into four categories:


Any kind of legislative news can be attained here. Players can also get information about friends and foes from here 

Domestic Tracks, Advisors, and Assets

This part of the map holds all information related to presidential action points, domestic tracks, advisors, etc. 

The United Nations

If you are willing to get an update about the working of the UN, this is the part to explore. 

  • Crisis Cards

The game offers about 170 crisis cards that help to determine the storyline of every round. There are several cards mixed. For instance, you can find domestic, world crises, unexpected benefits, terrorism events, etc. all together. The crisis card can influence the storyline to some extent but doesn’t allow the player to completely control it. 

  • Innumerable levels 

Players get innumerable levels to enjoy. Each has a different storyline and requires the player to perform different tasks. Thus, players are always amazed by new content and never get bored of playing the game. 

Developers have designed the game to provide the scope for massive replay ability and they have been quite successful in delivering such content. Incorporating multiple systems that represent every aspect of the US, more than 170 crisis cards, a well-designed, thorough map, no two rounds of the game feels like. That’s what makes the game incredible. The game has been praised because of its unique blend of content and plot. Developers have truly done a commendable job. If you haven’t yet played Mr. President! now is the time to play! 

How To Download Mr.president PC Instructions

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Mr.president – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: Info
  • CPU SPEED: 1 GHz or faster processor
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • OS: Windows 7

Mr.president – Recommended System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel Core i7
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 10
  • VIDEO CARD: Geforce 970 Equivalent or Better


Is the game available for free?

Yes, one can download Mr. President! For free!

How much GB is Mr. President!?

The basic content of the game occupies about 4 GB of space. To run this game without any problem, one must have at least 512 MB RAM for free.

Who developed Mr. President!?

The game was developed by Game Developer X.

Mr.President PC

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