MSI GE72 Apache Pro Review

MSI ge72 pro review

On this post, I’ll be doing a MSI GE72 Apache Pro Review as well those other GE72 Series gaming laptops as a general since they are modifiable/upgradable depending on your budget and preference.


The chassis for the GE72 is comprised of a magnesium lithium alloy and aluminum which allows the laptop to have a top frame for durability but keeps it lightweight for mobility. The laptop measures with a width of 41.9CM, a depth of 28CM and a thickness of 2.9CM with the lid down and weighing approximately 5.5 pounds.

Please note that the batteries are built-in and unremovable to maintain its sleek design. The integrated battery is a 6-cell unit rated at 60 watt hours lasting almost 50% longer than the previous GE70 series. The power adapter included is 150 watts @ 19 volts / 7.9A.


The GE72 has a lot of external force to offer for connectivity. On the left side, it has 3 USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI 1.4 port, a mini display port, an RJ45 port, a headphone out port powered by MSI audio boost and a microphone in port.

Moving over to the right side, it has a DVD writer, a USB 2.0 port, an SDXC card reader and the power jack for the power supply.


The GE72 display is a 17-inch fold HD anti-glare panel, using an embedded display port connection.

MSI is partnered with portrait displays incorporated to provide pre-calibrated displays of the box to deliver high color accuracy to the GE72 featuring the 5th generation intel i7 processors.

The display also features an ultra-wide-angle view for image consistency and provides a vibrant image for videos and gameplay with minimal background light, reducing overall screen distortions.


The speakers in the GE72 are powered by Dynaudio featuring a 4.1 high definition audio system for realistic surround sound and immersive background effects.

The headphone jack is amplified by MSI’s audio boost technology providing a stable sound transmission for app optimized headsets to deliver a crisp, clean audio experience.


The GE72 uses the new revised keyboard style found on the GS series of the new GT 72 series designed by steel series featuring the MSI’s exclusive triangle design for optimal gameplay and powered by the steelseries Engine 3 software.  You can create your own gaming profiles and customize the keyboard lighting.

The FPS in the top row as well as the number pad have new hot key functions which can easily be accessed for convenience from pressing down the function key found at the bottom left of the keyboard.

Webcam & Microphone

The webcam is capable of recording videos at 720p at 30 frames per second. The microphones are located left and right side of the webcam.


Steelseries Engine 3 software

Using this software, we can create our own profiles for various games or programs, set up macros and quick command as well as select our keyboard lighting patterns and configurations

Cooler Boost 3

This will allow you to go on gaming for an extended period of time by enabling both fans for the CPU and GPU run at a hundred percent, therefore reducing the overall system temperature so you can get the most performance out of your hardware.

MSI Shift Technology

This technology allows you to control your performance based on the temperature of your CPU and GPU. When shift is set into Green mode, the intel turbo boost is disabled and the GPU will have speed reductions to keep the temperatures of both under 80 degrees Celsius. When shift is set into Comfort mode, the intel turbo boost will lower once the process of temperature reaches 90 degrees Celsius and the GPU speeds will lower once it hits 85 degrees Celsius. When shift is set into Sport mode, there is no temperature caps for the CPU and GPU to get the full performance of your hardware.

MSI’s Matrix Display Technology

You can extend your desktop real estate by adding up to two additional displays in conjunction with the laptops. This setup allows you to play your games on one display, watch videos on the second display and check your social media on the third display.

True Color Technology

MSI’s new true color technology is available on any MSI laptop featuring the 5th generation intel core I-series processors. The displays now come pre-calibrated to close to a 100% of the super RGB scale out of the box. You can choose between 6 different preset true color profiles to provide better color and brightness settings depending on your application usage.


  • Preinstalled Windows 10
  • Preinstalled System Control Manager

For managing Shortcuts

  • Nahimic

MSI is now teamed up with Nahimic to deliver enhanced audio experience to give you an edge in gaming and multimedia. Use the new Nahimic Audio Enhancer software to further enhance your audio experience with virtual surround sound, better bass and audio clarity for music, movies and games while providing a clean and clear audio recording or transmission so you are always heard whether you’re in the middle of the battle, or broadcasting gameplay commentary.

  • Xsplit Game Caster

You can broadcast your gaming skills and adventures to the world broadcast your game play online via twitch, hitbox, youtube, dailymotion, Ustream and many other video services.



Display Size and Type17.3 inch LED
Pixel Density127 PPI
Resolution1920 x 1080 px
Processor CoresQuad-Core
RAM Slots2 DIMM Slot(s)
Measurements16.5 in. x 11 in. x 1.14 in.
Weight5.95 pounds

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And that’s it for my GE72 Apache Pro Review! I hope you guys liked it! You can also add your comments below and check out my “best gaming laptops under 1000” list. See you guys on my next post.


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    • I just bought this fantastic laptop 3 days ago and I have to say that this machine is incredible the performance is good, the design it’s nice and with the gtx 970 and the new generation of Intel inside you can play pretty much everything in high settings ….very nice video my friend keep up the good work!!!!

    • Just to let you know your post convinced me to get the GE72 6QF, my first gaming notebook. Can you tell me if the m.2 SSD is sata or PCI-e and how many m.2 slots are inside. I’m already thinking of upgrading to a 250GB card or another 128GB to run in raid 0. Will removing the bottom tray void the warranty? If so this sucks. I don’t really want to wait 2 years before I can do any upgrades.

    • hay I thinking about to buy MSI GE72 6QF Apache Pro or the Alienware 13 r2 with i7 and 16GB ram, so what you think I should?

    • Anyone have any idea how this laptop runs VR? I want to get the HTC Vive but not sure if this laptop can handle it or if I should go for the MSI GT72 6QE Dominator Pro G which is an extra $700 or $800 dollars.

    • How’s the fan noise in idle mode? I couldn’t really tell from the mic recording you made.
      I had the GS60 and it was horrible. It wouldn’t go below 40% RPM so i returned it.

    • Mobile GPU has really come far these days. Above stock 970m will run most modern games at 1080p high settings without struggle. 970m is really similar to gtx 770/680 or between 960 and 970. 980m is similar to 970. Only if prices come down, I would definitely pick up an MSI GE-72.

    • I also dislike the keyboard layout, but I was wondering how much of a deal breaker this is for normal usage? Was it so annoying that it became difficult to use?

    • so i saw a couple reviews of this laptop and loved the specs so i ordered it. After that I’ve seen nothing but good things about this laptop I’m so excited

    • Can this laptop play GTA 5 with very high setting not ultra , just very high . That’s thing I’m concern :(

    • The optical drive is there because of several reasons.
      1.installing drivers manually via a disk
      2.Blu Ray discs.
      3.people installing games from the shop as they may have a set bandwidth in which they can use and it may not be fast enough.
      well you can see where i’m going with this so year i’ll leave it there.
      The keyboard isn’t an american layout.

    • Thanks! this helped me so much seeing how im trying to buy a new laptop, (My First Laptop) and this helped me decide and if I buy this from MSI will it have the led lights in the keyboard?

    • Have you guys looked inside that laptop? I’m curious about how many heat pipes does it have when comparing it to GS70 with GTX970M? Does it have the same amount and type of speakers like the GS70 have? The technology used to produce the sound is the same but maybe the guts are different?

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