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The Sumerian game was developed as a portion of a joint research project in 1964-1966 amongst the Board of Cooperative Services of New York, Westchester County, IBM for investigation regarding the availment and utilization of computer-based simulation in educational constructs. It mainly consists of a text-based narrative for a strategy on the topic of land and resource management.

Sumerians PC Game Download

Name Sumerians
Initial Release Date 1964
IBM 7090
Developer IBM
Designer Mabel Addis
Mod Single-player video game
Genres Strategy Video Game
Category PC Games >Strategy

Designed by Mabel Addis and programmed by William McKay, the first version of the game was tested on 30 sixth grade students in the year 1964 who were given to play the game. A refurbished version of the game was released later in the year 1966 with features that shone a light on gameplay and extra narrative to the previous content and audiovisual elements.

What is the game about?

The game, primarily, comprises of mainly three segments, each representing the reigns of three rulers in a city in Sumer called Lagash – Luduga I, II, and III, more or less around 3500 BC. Each segment level up in the measure of their complexity and demands the player to administer new workers to build the city up from scratch.

The player also faces the consequences of their prior decisions, natural calamities as well as innovation in the field of technology that renders different attributes to the current level they are in and affects the gameplay biome greatly.


As mentioned earlier, the Sumerian game uses a strategy that is mainly text-based and revolves around the main topic; resource management. In the first segment of the game, the player usually starts with the information of the amount of surplus; acres of farmland, number of livestock etc. Each round (set in 3500BC) represents each season. The player is needed to make his or her own decisions regarding how much grains need to be used, how many seeds to plant etc., to build a city up.

Every decision has its own set of consequences and cannot be undone so the player needs to be cautious regarding the steps he or she takes. The city can also face natural calamities like floods, wildfire which can affect the city’s harvest or population. The amount of surplus can also be affected as it can be eaten by rodents.

In the second and third segments, the population and grains/seeds of the city are altered to reset levels despite a player’s commendable performance in the prior segment.

Features of the game

Let’s delve into the features of the games in details. 

  • Map

The game encompasses a dynamic map that is addictive from the very beginning. 

  • Citizens of the city

The player just needs to press a button; the citizens do all the work. In simple words, the player is the commander, he or she makes the decisions and the citizens have no other choice than to oblige. Needless to say, with every wrong decision, the citizens suffer the consequences as well.

  • Takes religion into consideration

It is very rare to come by a game that keeps our religious views in mind. This game allows the player to build a temple for its citizens to enhance the influence of religion and in turn, attract more occupants into the city.

  • Happy citizens, Happy city

It is mandatory that the player also needs to pay his or her workers’ wages for the construction of the players desired construct.

  • Irrigation canals

The harvest area can be increased by constructing more irrigation canals that lead to more water and hence yields more surpluses.

  • Transporters

The player can also expand his economic reach by exporting and transporting harvest from the city to the neighbouring cities.

The player after gaining more profit can even build a better storage house to preserve the surplus better and save it from rodents and natural calamities. Buying new products also assist in increased wages for the workers.

  • Technology

New technologies can be researched and new trade routes can be made for increasing economic reach

The game was created during the earliest history of video games for, as mentioned earlier, research regarding computer simulations in schools. This game is an excellent prototype of the text-based strategy gaming and city building genres.

It has been deemed to be the very first video game that holds within, a narrative as well as an excellent edutainment game. It is available for download on steam for PC

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Sumerians – Minimum System Requirement

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 / AMD Radeon R9 270X
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Currently integrated graphics cards are not supported.

Sumerians – Recommended System Requirement

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


Is the game strictly confined to PCs?

Yes, it is strictly confined to the Windows Operating system and they have no plans of releasing it on any other platforms.

Is the game multiplayer?

No, it is a single-player game.

Is the game similar to clash of clans?

In many ways, yes it is similar but not completely.

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