Swords And Sandals Medieval Download Free PC Game Full Version (v1.9.2.0)

Are you ready for some action? Do you want to check your combat skills? Well, you might be in the right place. We are going to introduce to you one of the greatest gladiator series that can entertain you to the fullest.

Swords And Sandals Medieval Download is a turn-based combat RPG game that is specially designed for players who are into action. Now, go through this writing and understand more about the game. So, your performance is top-notch while you play it.

Swords And Sandals Medieval PC Game Download

Name Swords And Sandals Medieval
Initial Release Date
14 Sep, 2017
Microsoft Windows
Developer Whiskeybarrel Studios
Publisher eGames.com
Mode Single Player
Adventure, RPG
Category PC Games >Adventure

About Swords and Sandals in Medieval 

On September 14, 2017, Swords and Sandals Medieval was developed. Whiskybarrel Studios and eGames.com are the masterminds behind this game. They have developed and published the game. 

Swords and Sandals Medieval will take you to the middle ages—the greatest war of gladiators. It is a top-notch turn-based combat game. So you can expect some very dramatic fighting scenes in the game. Experience unique action-packed gameplay. It is the perfect game for everyone.

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How to play Swords and Sandals Medieval?

The main motto of the game is to win the quest. As a knight, you have to participate in multiple combats and win them. Use the function keys to kill your enemy. Collect weapons and upgrade your skills so that you can win the quest without any questions. Swords and Sandals Medieval will turn you into a knight. This realm is very dramatic; it’s just heroic tales of ancient times. You will find yourself among the kings and their enemies.

Get closer to the life of knights and participate in multiple quests. You will feel livelier on this virtual platform. There will be devious foes around you; you must finish them all to survive in the game. You can also attract the vampires, the bakers, and the silver stacks as your followers. 

Take part in more than 15 tournaments of Swords and Sandals Medieval and get along with William Gillis Lionheart and other renowned knights. Experience action-packed quests like never before on Swords and Sandals Medieval.

Features of Swords and Sandals in Medieval

Welcome to the finance gladiator series of the gaming world. Take your sword and get ready to fight multiple well-known knights and be the best of the rest. These are RPG games that have some very exciting features added to them. Check them out!

  • Startling graphics

Swords and Sandals Medieval features very interesting 2D graphics. The characters and the background look very dramatic. You play the game, and you will find very adorable knights moving around the screen. The pops of color make it more fascinating.

  • Combats

Enjoy turn-based combat. This fast-paced, action-packed game will examine you every chance it gets. Swords and Sandals Medieval is full of challenges. You will take part in more than 60 quests and prove your skills.

Swords And Sandals Medieval Download

  • Weaponry

In Swords and Sandals Medieval, you will get the chance to buy or steal. These are the two ways through which you can find out about more weapons. Collect the armor, portions, magical items, and weapons from different shops in this game.

  • Character level

There are 50 character levels in this game, and each of them has some unique abilities. Add unique skills to your character. This is how you build your knight throughout the game.

Medieval is the game for you if you are fond of action and adventurous play. This game is full of excitement. The developer has finely designed the gameplay to keep dedicated gamers as you engaged in some interesting adventures.

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How To Download Swords And Sandals Medieval PC Instructions

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If you still face any problems or want to report any bugs please contact me.

Swords And Sandals Medieval – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS: 2000
  • Processor: 500 MHZ
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 85 MB available space

Swords And Sandals Medieval – Recommended System Requirement

  • OS: 2000
  • Processor: 500 MHZ
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 85 MB available space


Can I get or collect achievements?

There are around 170 or so achievements in this game.

How many players can participate in this game?

Swords and Sandals Medieval allows a single player.

Can I play this game on my Android device?

No, you have to play this game on your PC.

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