The King’s Bird PC Game Download Full Version (v1.2.3)

Let’s explore a magical world. It is a game, which you will amaze you with all the dreamy content. The King’s bird looks more like a fairy tale. Have you read poems in your childhood; this game is exactly like that. It has that sweet aura of a poem. But, why this name? Well, this game is no less than an exclusive play. You can be a part of the little bird’s journey and take it to the destined place. Get the royal vibe and enjoy the kingly life. Wait that is not all, we have more to know and explore. So, here we are at the right place.

The King’s Bird PC Game Download

Name The King’s Bird
Initial Release Date
23 August 2018
Platforms PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Macintosh operating systems, Xbox One
Serenity Forge
Publisher Graffiti Games
Genres Platform game, Indie game
Mod Single Player
Category PC Games >Platform

About The King’s bird

The King’s bird is the gameplay that has the perfect combination of action and adventure. It is a simple game, which can be played and enjoyed by anyone. Serenity Forge is the mastermind after this awesome gameplay and Graffiti Games has published The King’s bird. On 12th February 2019, The King’s bird was released and it has reached the maximum number of fans since then. And why not? After all, this game will let you fly. Explore a world of secrets and discover the truth after your freedom. This physics-based game will take you on a magical journey and you cannot help falling in love with it.

How to play The King’s bird?

First of all, the King’s bird is physics-based and the movement of your fingers plays an important role in this gameplay. You can use momentum to slide and dash through the hurdles. There will be multiple tunnels, poles, and gaps on the way. You must use proper movements to skip those challenges. The hurdles of The King’s bird increase with the advance in the levels. The King’s bird is a fancy world with an artistic background. The scenes may change according to the levels of gameplay. With a little focus, you can complete the run. Earn points according to your performance. The smoother your journey will be the more point you will earn.

Features of The King’s bird

The King’s bird is a perfect example of art; this game has so much in it. It has simple gameplay yet so many layers. To play The King’s bird skilfully it is important to know about the game features, which are mentioned below:

  • The visual effects

The platform of The King’s bird can be considered as a canvas. The graphics quality might be 2D but it is no less than a masterpiece. The background of the game looks like a rainbow; it has got so many colours.

  • Only visual narrative

Get rid of reading long narrative statements while playing the game. You can easily see the narration through video on your screen’s device. That looks more intense and touching for the players and of course more interesting.

  • Different worlds

The King’s bird has distinct worlds, which have been divided into 5 forms. You can explore and experience the complete vibes of Mayan, South Asia, Roman Culture, colourful silhouettes, and vibrance.

The King’s Bird PC

  • The audio

The King’s bird has dynamic background music and sound. This track can change frequently based on your movements. Isn’t that a cool feature? Now you can enjoy the audio while playing this game.

  • Easy to play

Everything is smooth in The King’s bird. The bird can easily overcome the challenges, if the move has been made at the right moment. Just a little concentration and the game is all in your hand. Make sure that you have a proper idea regarding the distance and space before making the move.

The King’s bird is the perfect way to spend your leisure time. No action or any battle, yet such an engaging game it is. The vibes will soothe you. You can play The King’s bird anytime and anywhere. All that you have to do is, download this game and start playing it. Get the chance to fly and never drop down, enjoy the freedom.

How To Download The King’s Bird PC Instructions

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  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy The King’s Bird PC For free

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The King’s Bird – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: Info
  • CPU SPEED: 1.7 GHz Dual Core CPU
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • VIDEO CARD: Intel HD Graphics

The King’s Bird – Recommended System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 1.7 GHz Dual Core CPU
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Storage: 6 GB available space


How much space is required for The King’s bird?

This game needs 6 GB of available space.

On which platform can we play this game?

You can play The King’s bird on PC.

Can children play this?

Yes, absolutely.

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