Verdant Skies PC Game Download Full Version (v1.4.3)

Verdant Skies is the debut game produced by indie developers Howling Moon Software. It’s an indie video game where the player takes the role of a space colonist who had previously got into an agreement to set up a new colony on Viridis Primus, a beautiful, lush world similar to Earth. 

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Verdant Skies PC Game Download

Name Verdant Skies
Initial Release Date
12 Feb, 2018
Platforms Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS
Howling Moon Software
Publisher Howling Moon Software
Genres Role-playing game, Casual game, Adventure, Simulation
Mode Single-player video game
Category PC Games >Adventure

What are Verdant Skies about?

It’s an interested, well-developed life simulation video game that focuses on interplanetary colonization. In this game, players play to join a colony in Viridis primus. Their ship crashes while landing and they are left helpless on that island. They get new tasks to build up a colony in that land. Also, their task is to recruit new colonists and delegate the responsibility of maintaining the colony among others. 

Being an engaging life simulation game, an important aspect of this game is building friendship and romantic partnerships. You also have the scope to start families. What’s most distinct about Verdant Skies is that players never have to decide a particular gender in this game. 


The gameplay is mostly day-based. It’s a console-style life simulation video game that has been developed with utmost precision. Every morning, the player has to wake up and perform daily tasks like harvesting materials, exploring the stamina bar, sleeping, eating, etc. You lose stamina while doing activities. You can recover that by sleeping or eating the next day. Some people find the description boring but when you start to play the game once, there’s no going back. 

The basic materials used in this game are stone, wood, and scrap. You discover other materials as you progress in the game. You know that harvesting depletes your energy. So, don’t expect that you can chop down trees all day, within taking rest. You have to recover the lost stamina too. Using these useful materials, you can do a lot of activities like extend the balcony, decorate the house, build tools, and do various other tasks. 

How would you earn money in this game? Well, one can earn money by selling things, harvesting crops, or growing items. If you want to sell anything, you must place it on the shipping containers. Next, confirm the sale of the item and see the container taking the goods into space. The next moment, your virtual pocket gets filled with dosh. You can spend this money earned for upgrading your house or character. 

Features of Verdant Skies 

Developers have tried their best to create something distinct and unique. The gameplay and storytelling are engaging. More engaging are the features. Because of them, the game has become so popular. Let’s go through some of the useful features of Verdant Skies. 

  • Craft your avatar 

Players can create their characters in this game. They get a plethora of options like skin tone, hairstyle, clothing choices, accessories, etc. Using these options they can craft their avatar in the game. 

  • Scope for a lot of activities 

There are so many things that players have to do. They can decorate, gather resources, grow crops, go spearfishing, and grow relationships and family, fall in love, cook, and whatnot. 

  • Graphics 

The game incorporates impressive graphical objects. They are placed in a three-dimensional sphere. The camera position is however fixed. The characters are cartoon-like provide players with immense entertainment. 

Overall, Verdant Skies is an amazing simulation video game. This game is extremely addictive. Once you join the game, you wouldn’t feel like leaving this game. The game is full of content, personality and offers immense scope for players. 

How To Download Verdant Skies PC Instructions

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Verdant Skies – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

Verdant Skies – Recommended System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 3 GB available space


On what platforms are versant skies compatible?

The game is compatible with several platforms like Linux, macOS, and Microsoft windows.

To what genres does the game belong?

Verdant Skies belongs to several genres like adventure, role-playing, and simulation.

What are the different types of activities that players can do in this game?

Players in this game can do a lot of activities like harvesting, nurturing relationships, cooking, etc.

Verdant Skies PC

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