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War of the Human Tanks is a unique tactical role-playing game developed by Yakiniku Banzai and released in 2012. Set in a fictional world, the game follows a group of human-like tanks, Human Tanks, engaging in battles against rival factions. This guide thoroughly examines the game, exploring its gameplay mechanics, storyline, and overall appeal.

War Of The Human Tanks PC Game Download

Name War Of The Human Tanks
Initial Release Date 14 Sep, 2012
Microsoft Windows
Yakiniku Banzai
Series Totsugeki! Ningen Sensha: War of the Human Tanks
Indie game, Adventure, Strategy
Category PC Games >Adventure

Gameplay Mechanics

War of the Human Tanks’ gameplay distinguishes it from other tactical role-playing games. The game is typically played on a map divided into a grid. Where players take turns moving their Human Tanks around the battlefield. Players can move their tanks each turn, attack enemy tanks, or use special abilities. The game is turn-based, involving players moving their units and attacking their opponents. One of the unique features of War of the Human Tanks is the ability to customize your tanks. Players can upgrade their tanks with new weapons and skills, making them more potent on the battlefield. The game also features many tanks, each with strengths and weaknesses. This allows players to experiment with different tank combinations and find the best ones for their playstyle.

Key Features of War Of The Human Tanks

War Of The Human Tanks PC

  • Tactical Strategy Gameplay

Players engage in turn-based battles where they control a team of human-tank hybrids known as Human Tanks. Each tank unit has its own unique abilities and stats, requiring strategic thinking to outmaneuver and defeat opponents.

War Of The Human Tanks PC

  • Character Customization

Players can customize their Human Tank units with various weapons, armor, and accessories to suit their playstyle and

  • Multiple Endings

The game offers multiple branching paths and endings based on the choices players make throughout the story. This encourages replayability as players can experience different outcomes by making different decisions.

  • Challenging Missions

Players will face a variety of challenging missions and enemy encounters, requiring careful planning and tactical thinking to emerge victorious. As the game progresses, the difficulty ramps up, providing a satisfying challenge for strategy enthusiasts.

  • Artistic Visuals

“War of the Human Tanks” features charming pixel art graphics that bring the game’s characters and environments to life. The character designs are distinctive and memorable, adding to the overall charm of the game.

  • Storyline

The storyline of War of the Human Tanks is set in a fictional world where tanks are powered by human-like beings known as Human Tanks. Players take on the role of commander of a group of Human Tanks who are fighting against rival factions for control of the world. Throughout the game, the player’s decisions significantly impact the storyline and ultimately determine the outcome. The game’s plot is well-written and engaging, with a mix of suspense, drama, and humor. The characters are well-developed, each with their unique personalities and backstories. The game’s storyline is also supported by excellent voice acting, which adds to the game’s overall immersion.

Overall Appeal

War of the Human Tanks appeals to fans of tactical role-playing games. The game’s unique gameplay mechanics, engaging storyline, and well-developed characters make it a must-play for fans of the genre. The visuals and audio in the game are top-notch, enhancing the overall experience. However, the game’s difficulty level can be a drawback, particularly for those new to this genre. However, the game features a tutorial mode, which helps new players get accustomed to its mechanics.


War of the Human Tanks is a unique tactical role-playing game offering a fresh genre take. With the game’s engaging storyline and well-developed characters, you should try this game if you’re a genre fan. It has some interesting gameplay mechanics not commonly found in other games. The game’s difficulty may be a turn-off for new players, but the tutorial mode helps alleviate this issue. If you’re a fan of tactical role-playing games, War of the Human Tanks is a game you won’t want to miss.

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War Of The Human Tanks – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Processor: PentiumIII or higher
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

War Of The Human Tanks – Recommended System Requirement

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


What platforms is War of the Human Tanks available on?

War of the Human Tanks is available on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

What is the gameplay like?

The gameplay is a turn-based tactical role-playing game in which players control a group of tanks known as Human Tanks. The map is divided into a grid, and players take turns moving their tanks and attacking their opponents.

How many tanks are in the game?

The game features over 50 tanks, each with unique abilities and strengths.

War Of The Human Tanks PC

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