Zombie Kill Of The Week – Reborn PC Free Game Download Full Version (v1.4.0.1)

Zombie Kill Of The Week—Reborn is a thrilling and fast-paced game that puts players to the test as they battle through never-ending hordes of zombies. This guide will cover essential survival strategies, the best weapons, and effective tactics to outlast the zombie hordes.

Zombie Kill Of The Week – Reborn PC Game Download

Name Zombie Kill Of The Week – Reborn
Initial Release Date 13 Mar, 2015
Microsoft Windows
Merge Games, Tagstar Games
Mode Cross-Platform Multiplayer
Action, Indie
Category PC Games >Action

Survival Tips

Keep Moving One of the most essential survival tips in Zombie Kill Of The Week – Reborn is to keep moving. Staying in one place for too long can leave you vulnerable to zombie attacks. Constantly be on the move to avoid getting surrounded by the undead.

Remember the following:

  1. Use Cover to your advantage by utilizing the environment.
  2. Take Cover behind obstacles like crates, barrels, and walls to protect yourself from incoming zombie attacks.
  3. Look for strategic positions that provide good vantage points and Cover.

Basic Gameplay Tips Of Zombie Kill Of The Week – Reborn

  • Manage Your Ammo

Ammunition is scarce in Zombie Kill Of The Week – Reborn, so conserving your ammo is crucial. Make every shot count and aim for headshots to take down zombies more efficiently. Always be on the lookout for ammo pickups, and use your weapons wisely.

  • Communication

Coordinate with teammates using voice chat or in-game signals to strategize and manage resources effectively.

  • Power-Ups

Collect and use power-ups like damage boosters and speed enhancers to gain an advantage during intense waves.

  • Team Up

If playing in co-op mode, teamwork is essential for survival. Coordinate with your teammates, cover each other’s backs, and communicate effectively to fend off the zombie hordes. Working together increases your chances of survival.

  • Best Weapons

1; Assault Rifle : The assault rifle is a versatile weapon with a reasonable fire rate and accuracy balance. It’s effective for mowing down groups of zombies and providing suppressive fire.

2. Shotgun: The shotgun is a powerhouse at close range, capable of taking out multiple zombies with a single blast. It’s perfect for clearing tight spaces and dealing massive damage up close.

  • Effective Tactics

Prioritize Targets When faced with multiple zombies, prioritize targets based on their threat level. Take out special infected or fast-moving zombies first to reduce the immediate danger. Focus on eliminating threats efficiently to maintain control of the battlefield.

  • Utilize Explosives

Grenades and other explosive weapons can clear out large groups of zombies in one go. Use them strategically to create openings, thin out the horde, or deal with more challenging enemies.


Zombie Kill Of The Week—Reborn is a demanding game that calls for quick thinking, precise aiming, and effective teamwork to survive the relentless zombie onslaught. By following the survival tips, utilizing the best weapons, and employing effective tactics, players can increase their chances of outlasting the zombie hordes and emerging victorious in this thrilling game.

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Zombie Kill Of The Week – Reborn – Minimum System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 only
  • Processor: 1.2GHz processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated graphics card with 128 MB memory
  • Storage: 30 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Xbox 360 / XInput controller, Screen resolution of 800×600 (or bigger)
  • recommended. 5MB/s download and upload speed needed for online multiplayer.

Zombie Kill Of The Week – Reborn – Recommended System Requirement

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


What is Zombie Kill Of The Week - Reborn?

Zombie Kill Of The Week—Reborn is fast-paced; in this action-packed shooter game, players must endure waves of zombies by utilizing an array of weapons, power-ups, and strategic planning.

On which platforms is the game available?

I have a game that is compatible with a PC. (WinPCss, Mac, Linux) and gaming consoles.

Is there a storyline or campaign mode?

The game primarily revolves around survival and high-score modes. However, some maps and modes may have their unique objectives and mini-storylines.

Zombie Kill Of The Week – Reborn PC

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