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Changed is a popular adventure indie RPG-style video game that has been developed and published under the banner of Dragon Snow. The game was released on 5th April 2018 on PC and Steam and since then all the reviews about the game have been quite positive. The developer team built this game around a simple idea where players are trapped in an experiment and they will have to find their way out without becoming one of the lab rats. Players will have to stay away from the tests, persevere, and survive.

Changed PC Game Download

Name Changed
Initial Release Date 5 Apr, 2018
Mode Single Player video game
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Genres Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer DragonSnow
Category PC Games >Adventure

The game is available in single-player mode and since its popularity developers have added multiple languages to the game. Changed has become quite a popular game all across the globe because of the simple yet fun gameplay and graphics. The developer team has kept the approach of the game quite casual which makes it one of the most fun games to play in your free time. 

What is the game about?

The game Changed revolves around puzzles and along with that players will get to enjoy a lot of chases. The game starts when the main character of the game wakes up in a strange room and realizes that he is in an unfamiliar laboratory building. Soon he realizes that he is one of the test samples in the laboratory and soon starts the quest of running for his life.

 In this entire process, the main character will come across a lot of different creatures in the laboratory building, and most of the time they will have to keep a safe distance from them. If the creatures come inside close proximities then running is probably the best option. The creatures in the game are quite powerful so fighting is one of the stupidest decisions.

The main aim of the game remains the same where players will have to find their way undetected out of the building without any tests being performed on them. The objective sounds simple but in reality, it is not. Players will have to solve multiple puzzles fast to get out of the building undetected. 

The storyline of the game is quite interesting and questions like who will guide the protagonist? Why is he trapped? What has happened to the real world will unfold gradually and players proceed in the game. The twists and turns of the storyline make the game so much worth playing right now. When you are playing Changed make sure that you don’t get lost in the laboratory because finding your way back could be quite a task.


Changed comes under the category of one of the simplest games out there in the market. The developers have kept the gameplay simple with character movement and actions. All the controls of the game are quite reactive which makes playing the game so much easy and simple. 

The controls are all very reactive in this case and players can use them quite effectively. The run option is probably one of the most used controls in the game. A new updated release has been done to the game which has surely made the gameplay better. Developers have used all the latest technologies for the controls making them quite reactive and fun.

Features of the games

If you are installing the game Changed for the first time then you will have all the latest features which have been rolled out by the developers. If you have the older version of the game already installed make sure to update it to get the latest game on your PC. Today we will be talking about all the best features of the game Changed which make it a must-play for all PC gamers.

  • Free Upgrades

Every player who owns the game Changed will be given a special package in the game. This special version of the game can also be called an upgrade to the original version of the game with a lot of major changes. The developers have allowed all users to get this upgrade of the game free which has made gamers a lot happy.

  • New mechanics

The developers have worked hard on the latest update and since it was one of the biggest updates they have ever rolled out they have made sure that they develop the mechanics of the game with all the latest technologies. This has made the controls of the game quite more accurate.

  • Great collection of puzzles

When players will be playing this game they will have to solve a huge amount of puzzles to go ahead in the game. The puzzles have been refreshed in the latest version of the game which makes it quite challenging for the players. Players will have to go and think out of the box if they want to solve the puzzle fast. Most puzzles in the game are new which makes the game new for returning gamers.

  • Japanese fusion theme

The theme of the game is something that the developers have put a lot of effort into. Since the game has been developed by a team who are big fans of Anime the theme surely reflects that. Most OG gamers of Changed are anime lovers. The storyline surely falls in place with the Japanese theme of the game making it look and feel very realistic. 

The game Changed has been around for almost more than 3 years now. The developers have received great responses in their early days. Since it received a lot of attention in the gaming community the developers decided that they will re-release the game with better features in 2020 which became a turning point for the game. The re-release was loved by all the gamers all across the globe. The developers also kept the re-release free for people who already have the game which made a lot of people quite happy. If you are a big fan of anime and Japanese culture then you should give Changed a try. Make sure to be prepared for solving some complicated problems with Changed.

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Changed – Recommended System Requirement

  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 510
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
  • File Size: Unknown
  • OS: Windows


Which company is behind the development of Changed?

The game Changed has been developed under the banner of Dragon Snow.

When was Changed first released on the Steam platform?

Changed was first released on 5th April 2018

When was Changed re-released on the Steam platform?

Changed was re-released in April 2020 with a major update and changes

Changed PC

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