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The new sensation, ‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout PC’, got immense popularity on the internet and the game became famous overnight. If you are an avid gamer, there are chances that you would have already heard about this game. If not, it’s never too late to try something new and interesting. 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout PC Game Download

Name Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Initial Release Date February 2020
Publisher Epic Games, Devolver Digital, qqwe5214
Platforms PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Android, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, iOS
Designer Joseph Walsh
Developer Mediatonic
Category PC Games >Platform

This is the kind of game that produces ambition among gamers. It inspires them to achieve their aim. It also gives a competitive thrill while they are competing with other players to reach the finishing line first. As you proceed further with this post, you will come to know more about this fun game. 

About the Game

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was launched with a unique concept. It is a platform battle royal game developed and published by Mediatonic and Developer Digital respectively. Amongst the world of dark games, which feature guns, bombs, and other threatening weapons; you will be delighted to see the vivid theme of Fall Guys. 

The setup is not very tough to understand. Sixty players looking like colourful jelly beans, have to compete over various obstacles coming in their way. Only some of them make it to the next round. Proceeding towards the end line safely, crossing all the obstacles, the last surviving competitor becomes victorious. 

The first season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was launched last year in August 2020. The game has successfully launched 4 seasons till this time and is all set to come up with the 5th season. Each season has unique themes. All the seasons lasted for around two months. It received positive reviews from the critics as well as the users.

All those who have watched Takeshi’s Castle, always had an inner desire to be in the game themselves. Now after many years, this game will allow them to experience resembling challenges. The game is inspired by some other shows like It’s a Knockout and Wipeout. Fall Guys is an animated version of all these shows combined. 

Game Play

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an interesting video game that provides an amazing list of features. It was launched on 4th August 2020. The video game is available on various popular gaming platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. 

The game welcomes you into its jolly colourful playing field. It starts with 60 players who are represented as vibrantly colourful jellybean figures. The task of every player is to safely make their way to the finishing line. The moves are not very tough to perform. We only have to perform three moves very attentively- jump, drive and grab. 

In the game, players have to run through a series of doors. Some of the doors are fake and you might bang your head on few such doors before finding the real one. If luck permits, sometimes you might get the real door on your first attempt. The players also have to be careful while crossing the tiled floor as some of the tiles disappears. 

The players have to prevent themselves from falling by the sliding doors and swinging boulders. These obstacles are specially designed to knock them out. They have to follow the crowd but also run ahead of the crowd. Amidst the chaos of getting to the finishing line, there’s a funny level in which the players are made to steal each other’s tails.

Players, who are too slow, stumbles over the obstacles and slips into the pink slime, are eliminated from the game. But they can always try their luck in the next game. A limited number of players qualify, as the levels are switched from easy to moderate and then to tough. The last player who remains and finishes all the challenges is the winner.

Features of the game

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout provides a list of remarkable features that will make you eager to play it. For someone who wishes to leap from a tiring day, this game is perfect. You should give it a try. Below mentioned are some more features to enlighten you more about this game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout PC

  • Online Multiplayer 

When people have to confine themselves within their homes, this game proves to be a true companion. It allows the user to play alone with 59 other users across the world. However, in some of the levels, there are some group tasks. But you need not be worried about it for the strangers sometimes prove to be the best teammates. 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout PC

  • Vibrant Setup and Characters

The game welcomes you into its colourful world and leaves you mesmerized. The battlefield looks vibrant with bright shades of pink, yellow and red. On contrary to the on-going dark-themed games, this game provides you a vibrant environment. The characters appear in the form of colourful jelly beans with two black eyes visible on their faces. They do not have a nose or mouth but this does not stop them from looking adorable.

  • Stress Buster

With time, the games are becoming more violent and aggressive. The players become easily frustrated while playing such violent games. Whereas Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has no such features. On contrary, it will reduce your stress and help you in rejoicing while seeing these tiny jellybeans tumbling over each other.

  • Rewards to customize the characters

The game provides you an in-game currency called “Kudos”, which can be obtained while playing the game. Kudos help the players to purchase emotes, attires, and cosmetics. This way the characters can flaunt by grooming themselves in best attires. Players get “Crown”, which is the premium currency. It can be acquired only by winning the game. The game also supports micro transactions for the purchase of additional in-game currency.

  • Designed for Children and Adults

Along with enormous features, this game has no age barrier. It does not distinguish between children and adults. It can be enjoyed equally by any age group. The game is designed in such a manner that its colourful world paints the mind of its users and cheers them up. There are very few games which are designed for all age groups and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of the best examples.

The features which this game provides are more than what is mentioned above. The list is long. You can point out some other features as well while playing the game Hence, we would recommend you to give a shot to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. You can enjoy this video game to relax .your mind and boost your gaming skills.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Minimum System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64bit only
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Recommended System Requirement

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout free on PC?

No. PC players have to purchase the game. However, it can be played free on PS4.

Will Fall Guys come to Xbox?

Fall Guys can be found on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Will Fall Guys be on mobile?

The developers have not officially announced yet whether we will the mobile version of Fall Guys or not.

Are Fall Guys successful?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has sold over 7 million copies on PC via the Steam game store. So yes, it is undoubtedly a successful video game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout PC

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